I will edit stream highlights video, twitch vod or funny gaming videos montage

Hey, I'm Bounty Hunter, your gaming content video editor

Keeping your audience glued to the screen and entertained is a must. I'm here to bring your stream highlights to life in the most professional and entertaining ways possible.

With a genuine passion for gaming and years of hands-on experience in video editing, I'm your go-to expert for creating unforgettable stream highlights, Twitch VOD edits, and hilarious gaming video montages.

What I do:

-Stream Highlights: The most thrilling moments from your live streams, giving your viewers a front-row seat to your gaming adventures.

-Twitch VOD Editor: Transform your Twitch VODs into polished content by trimming, enhancing, and seamlessly blending your footage.

-Funny Gaming Montages: Showcase your funniest gaming moments with side-splitting montages that highlight your comedic genius and gaming skills.

Why I'm Chosen:

-2 years of work

-Proven Twitch stream expertise

-Shown montage editing skillsets

-Funny gaming video visuals

I top my category in editing game highlights for YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram reels, TikTok, and all other social media. Contact me to discuss your project, and let's edit your gaming content!

Terms of work

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