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Smitten by the English language since childhood, as it was the mode of communication at home, I became a voracious reader to stand distinct with my flamboyance and excellent command of words in school. Thanks to my Dad, who honed my skills in the basics such as syntax, tense, grammar, and spelling, as he took a stroll at home after work. Ever since my inception in school, I have been a topper in the English language & have won academic awards in Advanced English. During graduation, I excelled in Poetry, Linguistics, and Shakespeare and broke the previously held highest score record of students in the University. My intense passion for the language made me choose Journalism as my career option and work for a few highly reputed publications in various capacities as a reporter, sub-editor, proofreader, correspondent, senior correspondent, features head, and features editor. As of now, I am busy with the compilation of stories for a highly successful journalist besides educationists.

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