I will provide the good quality voice over

I can provide voice representing a character to provide information to users or audiences. Definitely not easy- what convinces others that it’s easy is that we all speak. We all can’t necessarily sing, play a guitar, or dance, but we all can speak. Place Graham in front of a mic, allow him 30 seconds to say a minute worth of copy, and then be sure everyone who hears it believes what he’s saying. It also needs to be perfectly enunciated, the client doesn’t want the message lost or garbled. What he misses is that the creativity of VO comes on the fly and from practice: it “sounds” effortless. Unlike an author, or a singer, the VO is given a script. How many singers can produce a good cover song of another artist that’s new and authentic yet true to the sound? In the case of many well-known brands, the VO artist produces a new sound on an existing brand. Maybe the show should put Graham through the paces for a day with someone.

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