I will write you kick-ass SEO articles

I'm a writer and a programmer.

Why the latter? Because it takes some programming knowledge to understand why SEO works the way it does.

If you need someone who's good at writing SEO content that's fresh for the eyes of humans and magnetic to the scanner-things of search engines, then look no further than here!

So here's the deal, you can have either one of two packages for a price of 75 USD:

  1. A long article of at least 1500 words but no longer than 1800 words or
  2. A series of shorter articles reaching a total of 1400 words

They can be about anything. I don't spend hours on the internet every day doing nothing. I'm a generalist who keeps reading stuff for fun, and I only use the most credible sources for both the articles I write and the things I read.

This means you can expect me to reference scientific journals, legitimate organizations, and definitely not fake news sources, among others.

Now then, what do you say?

Terms of work

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