Senior Solana && Smart Contracts

Dear client
As a full-stack blockchain developer who has 5+ years of experience in this stack, I am very familiar with solana, solidity, Web3.js, developing Defi sites, and DApps.
Especially I have developed several Ethereum DApps with React.js and Web3.js, published some ERC20, ERC721, and branding standard ERC-1155 tokens.
I always write clean code so that anyone can check and understand my codes easily, so no worries about that. As well as, I can make the deadline task by task as your requirement. I'm familiar with Jira/Trello/Git so that's no problem to use them if you want.
I'll look forward to chatting with you and have full-time with your team. I'd like to be a member of your team.
My skillset:
✓ Languages: Rust, Solidity, Javascript, Typescript
✓ Frontend: React.js, Vue.js, Web3.js
✓ Web: CSS 3 (including SASS and Stylus), HTML5
✓ Databases: DynamoDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
✓ Tests: Mocha, Chai
✓ Version control: GIT, SVN; Github, BitBucket

Thank you

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Terms of work
30 hour delivery

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