Brand Designer

Full time
Yerevan, Armenia
Remote only
Primary role
Graphic Designer
Work experience
From 1 to 3 years
Annual salary

We’re looking for a skilled designer whose greatest passion is digital design and brand communication, to work with tech companies and digital products from around the world. You’re experienced enough to create outstanding branding and websites with a complex but minimalistic look and feel, based on inspiring and clear ideas.

Our expectations

  • You’re handy with ideas and semantics, bold visuals, complex typography, and motion design
  • Your mindset and ideas are more important than the complexity of the visuals you can make on your own
  • It would be great if you had some experience in international or IT companies so you know a thing or two about their businesses and marketing process organization
  • You have a strong and tailored eye for visual esthetics and high personal standards for design quality
  • You’re a person of minimalistic views. Less is more


  • Branding and identity systems, including web design, visual communication, and motion design guidelines for tech companies and digital products
  • Self-management and week planning together with the Project Manager. We work in one-week sprints so it’s important to keep the pace and be always in time without crunches
  • Client communication on each stage along with PM from briefing to project retrospective, you’ll be in charge of all design-related questions and presentation of your ideas


  • We believe that growth and skill elaboration for each and all of us is the main thing. So we’re always searching for those who share the same values
  • Every Friday is dedicated to education and skills improvement. Once a week we do not work on projects but do week reviews, 1-on-1s, complete masterclasses, and all other activities that lead us to better results
  • As already mentioned, we constantly grow the visual and semantic quality of our work, each quarter we do a project awesomeness assessment to conclude how to make better projects in the future. Our portfolio is here — be.net/embacy
  • Designer works with only one project in parallel so you can keep your mind focused without juggling tasks
  • Remote & time zones. We all work in GMT+3 from 10:30 to 19:30 so you can work from wherever you want if it fits your working hours
  • We can pay you in Crypto Stablecoins (USDT), Russian Roubles, or Armenian Drams. Your salary or contract rate will be fixed in USD in case of currency rate changes


If you’re interested please complete the form below and let’s get in touch. We’re open for both full-time and per-project freelance work


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We do branding, websites, UI+UX for digital companies from all over the world.

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