Community Lead

Full time
New Delhi, India
Remote only
Primary Role
Digital Marketing Manager
Work Experience
From 1 to 3 years
Annual Salary


  1. Proven work experience as a web3 community manager or similar role
  2. Experience in planning, building, and leading community initiatives. Ability to identify and track relevant community KPIs
  3. Create and execute in-app/social-media community content strategy by decoding consumer insights & behavior
  4. Build and maintain a community calendar and work closely with all stakeholders (internal and external) for seamless execution
  5. Monitor and moderate community interactions that meet community and brand guidelines; solve member queries on the community
  6. Manage the overall experience of the customers/users joining our community.
  7. Passionate about building a web3 community and establishing a connection with the members to deliver beyond customer expectations
  8. Share insights internally for product & community improvement
  9. Hosting online and offline events (ex: AMA, Competitions, etc) to increase community engagement.
  10. Interacting with influencers to promote the project.


  • 2-3 years of experience in managing web3 communities or similar roles.
  • Knowledge of online community platforms (like Facebook Groups, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, telegram, discord, and other spaces
  • Knowledge of Crypto, Blockchain, and apps is a must.

You take care of our business we will take care of you,

  • We make sure are you are growing professionally with quarterly goals and appraisals.
  • Health is wealth, so we provide health insurance
  • Stand on Top - Employee professional development program
  • Gold benefits and Internet allowance
  • Welcoming a new member in the family is a great please so we provide maternity and paternity leave

And much more...

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Blockchain & Crypto
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