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Advertising for a crypto project

We are looking for talented advertisers for our newly launched crypto token. It doesn't matter if you are expert in Google Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit, Social Media Management etc. We are looking for anyone who can shoot our project to the top!
We are not a finance product, but a smart contract token based on price appreciation. Our development team is working on the further development every day.
Please share your experience with us as well on which projects you have been involved.

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Proxy of the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap

Introduction and basic information:
This task is about development of a “proxy of the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap”. See example websites.
A BEP20 token already exists and can be traded normally on Pancakeswap.
The goal of this task is to give the customer easier access to buy and sell their tokens, as well as to provide and remove liquidity to the trading pair and view charts.
Here you can see that, you can connect your wallet through the browser, buy and sell tokens, add and remove liquidity, and see the chart of safemars.
We would like to have exactly the same as Exactly the same functions, the same design, layouts, etc.
Only the colors, the trading pair, i.e. the token should not be SafeMars but another token and some links have to be changed.
You can find everything here:
The token must appear in the search results. This should make it easier for the customer to buy and sell, as the contract address no longer has to be entered manually.
The logo of the token must of course be implemented.
The color of the page must match with the main website.
When buying and selling, the trades should be made as usual though pancake swap engine / router.
We do not want to develop our own DEX engine, it should only serve as a proxy to simplify buying and selling for the customer for that specific token only.

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Telegram Community Manager

We are looking for a Telegram Community Manager to lead our group.
- Answer questions
- Build community and motivate them to participate in actions
- Kick unwanted people
- Keep the mood up

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