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Making Excel Spreadsheets and Analytic models by using Excel I design and make analytic models by using Microsoft excel. I will develop financial model, business plan and cost benefit analysis dashboard by using Microsoft Excel. I believe that Excel is one of the best tools to make analytic models and to discover new methods and ideas for solving the problems in which I can say to you Excel is the basic of Artificial Intelligence. I try to give you the opportunity to solve your problem.

Work experience

Hezareh Parisan Co.
April 2020 – January 2023
Job title
Financial Control & Planning manager
Work experience & achievements
Execution of trust contracts (brokerage of foreign exchange funds) with banks (currency transfer) - document control for foreign currency transfers for companies requested by banks - financial control of foreign currency transfers of all banks and customers using the design and construction of intelligent models with Microsoft Excel - Designing financial and document discrepancy models using Microsoft Excel
April 2018 – March 2020
Job title
Financial Control & Planning
Work experience & achievements
This company is a manufacturer in Garment Industry Financial and documentary control of the entire production path, from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of the final product, using the design and construction of intelligent models with Microsoft Excel.
Fakoor Sanat Tehran Co.
March 2013 – November 2015
Job title
Site Manager
Work experience & achievements
EPCF project which was the implementation of 4MTPA Iron Ore beneficiation plan. When I was involved in this project (April 5, 2013) as site manager, the project had been started 3 years ago. According to overall time schedule, the project had more than one year delay. My achievements in this project were some decision making to detect the project in which this project smoothly moved toward start up. In fact, after one year, we had cold and so hot commissioning. This goal was also obtained by my management to spend more than $ 4 million at the site as cost management during the period of one year.
Nemad Kosar Development Co.
October 2002 – March 2006
Job title
Project Manager
Work experience & achievements
Fluent to EPC contracts so that I was able to execute all of articles of the contract. To organize Kick-off Meeting and other meetings with main contractor and sub contractors to reach mutually agreements and minutes of meeting for preventing to be held the executive works. Adaptability of time schedule with engineering works, executive works and shipments of equipment regarding to financial schedule. Following up releasing of goods in customs and supervisory on payment of custom duties and custom clearance. Following up for receiving of P.B.G (performance bank guarantee of sales contract and construction contract) and B.G for down payment from main contractor and sub contractors before opening of L/C (letter of credit) and commencement date. To issue P.A.C(provisional acceptance certificate)and F.A.C(final acceptance certificate)in accordance with compatibility between articles of sales contract, construction contract, appendixes of sales contract and executed works at the site and fi
Ministry of Roads &Transportation
February 1992 – October 2001
Job title
Soil Mechanics Expert
Work experience & achievements
To estimate and arrange the deep, numbers and lay out of Bore holes and order for Lab tests in accordance with type of project, maximum loading, type of loading (static or dynamic),Geological Map, Geophysics investigations, Hydrology & Hydrogeology investigations and local knowledge (Returning Analyze).To estimate and evaluate the total cost of Geotechnical Investigations according to above mentioned. To provide and prepare Overall Time Schedule (C. P .M) with details for Geotechnical Investigations included field investigations, Lab tests and preparing of Records. To prepare and examine Contract in accordance with legal rules adopted of FEDEC documents and EPC Contracts. To analyze and examine the results of field investigations and Lab tests. Geotechnical designing of shallow and deep foundations. Analysis and design of Retaining walls and Slope Stability by using of K-Truss, Drilled Pier system, sheet piles system and etc.
Islamic Azad University of Arak
October 1994 – November 1995
Job title
Work experience & achievements
I taught the courses: Concrete Technology Lab, Constructional Materials Lab, and Soil Mechanic Lab, of the field: Civil Engineering Bachelor’s program at Islamic Azad University of Arak for one year (two semesters).
Road Technical Institute
February 1999 – October 2002
Job title
Work experience & achievements
I taught the courses: Pavement Lab (Bitumen & Asphalt), Concrete Lab, and Elements & Construction Materials, of the fields: Proficient Courses in Road & Construction at Road Technical Institute for four educational semesters.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Graduation year: 2012
Level of study
Major / Field of study
MBA/Strategic Management
Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
Graduation year: 1989
Level of study
Major / Field of study