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Geoffrey is the founder and CEO of Green World Hospitality Consultants, and an eloquent and proficient writer specializing in research papers, article writing, and blog writing in various niches. Geoffrey has a Global network where he has perfected his professionalism through knowledge, skills, ability, experience, and the desire to learn and achieve proficiency to further and develop his writing career as he realizes and outstrips customers’ expectations. He is up-to-date with the emerging likes and preferences of clients while keeping up with ever-increasing professional and technical demands.

Work experience

Green World Hospitality Consultants
October 2018 – Current time
Job title
COE/Lead Business Development Strategist
Work experience & achievements
1. Coordinate with the management to research, identify, analyze, and execute new business initiatives. 2. Collect customer requirements and business data to create a business plan. 3. Manage the project teams to achieve business goals. 4. Implement business relationships and partnerships through direct meetings with customers and industry personnel. 5. Work with the internal departments and external partners to execute business plans and strategies. 6. Evaluate customer requirements and develop a business plan to meet these requirements. 7. Create business development strategies to increase company revenue and brand value. 8. Research the market trends to identify customer demand for the proposed products and services. 9. Support the management in contract development, customer negotiations, and product enhancements. 10. Coordinate with management to review and improvise the relevant business development activities.
Karatina University
May 2012 – Current time
Job title
Catering Officer
Work experience & achievements
1. Prepare the annual catering department procurement plans through Needs Assessment Analysis. 2. Prepare catering department quarterly and annual budget to seek financial resources and aid in controlling expenditures. 3. Prepare quarterly and annual catering department work plans to ensure tasks are carried out in a timely and complete manner. 4. Assign tasks to the assistant catering officer in line with all work plans to ensure that all sectional tasks are carried out in a timely and complete manner. 5. Conduct catering staff performance appraisals by analyzing information provided by the relevant staff in the appraisal form to ensure that they are performing at optimal performance levels. 6. Ensure implementation of policies and regulations governing students in the kitchen and dining halls. 7. Inspect the food preparation process to ensure the timely production of food. 8. Approve scheduled menus for the day to facilitate planning for food preparation.


University of the People
Graduation year: 2023
Level of study
Major / Field of study
Business Administration
Gretsa University
Graduation year: 2015
Level of study
Major / Field of study
Hospitality Management
NYS School of Catering
Graduation year: 2000
Level of study
Major / Field of study
Food and Beverage Management