I Will Edit Mix & Master your Rap - Urban Pop - Trap - Drill - Hip Hop Song


Take your song to the next level ! As a sound engineer specializing in urban music, I solve sound problems to enhance your creations. 

Put your music to a new level today !

Hello, I am a GP from Full Up Entertainment : Professional producer and sound engineer with several years of experience in the music industry.

As a sound engineer passionate about urban music, I put my expertise at your disposal to make your productions shine. My basic package includes professional mixing, precise editing and a sound quality guarantee. Let’s transform your musical vision into reality together !

In this service, I offer mixing services to prepare your song for radio play. My basic service applies to a 5-minute title composed of 5 tracks (example : 1 stereo instrumental track and 4 mono or stereo vocal tracks).

Here are some of the techniques that will be applied to mix your song :

- Corrective equalization

- Harmonic saturation 

- Multiband compression

- Reverberation

- Delay

- Stereo image enhancing

- Autotune (if necessary)

- Creative effects : Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Filtering

No presets!

What I need to start mixing and your song :

- your stems/tracks in WAV format (320 kbps)

- a rough demo of your song before I can take on the project

From $25, I will mix your song using professional equipment and plugins in the basic service. You have the right to 2 retouchings, an additional retouching costs $5.

If you wish to mix an additional title, this service costs $20.

Separate vocal and instrumental tracks cost $10, in case you are going to do a “stems” mastering.

I also offer as an additional option a mastering for $15.

For the slopes, the prices are as follows:

$25 for 5 tracks max

+ $20 for 10 additional tracks

+ $40 for 20 additional tracks

+ $50 for 30 additional tracks

Genres: Rap / Trap / Hip-Hop / Drill / Jersey / Plug / Rnb / Boom Bap / Afrobeat.

The pleasure of working with you !

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