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Looking for SEO content writing service for your business?

Hello there! My name is Alex. I'm an expert SEO content writer with 3 years of experience. With this Gig I'll work with you to save your time and money, and level up your Content SEO!

I'll provide the best SEO content writing services. I guarantee 100% professional, original and creative content - written by a Human, not AI!

Depending on which package you select, I'll:

  • Find Primary And Secondary Keywords
  • Craft the Page Title And Meta Description
  • Create An SEO Friendly URL
  • Satisfy Search Intent
  • Create Quality Content
  • Use Keywords In Your Content
  • Structure Content with Subheadings
  • Add Internal Links
  • Optimize Content For E-E-A-T
  • Optimize Content For Featured Snippets
  • Add And Optimize Images
  • Make Your Content Easy To Read On Mobiles.

In my 3 years of content writing experience, I have rarely missed a deadline. Barring rare events. I can usually stick to my writing schedule. I don't compromise on quality.


How do you research a topic?

  • Understand the topic myself first
  • Identify how the topic affects other readers/audience
  • Is there any problem associated with it?
  • Possible solutions!
  • Identifying new ways/ideas to write
  • Structure the topic. Write down important points or headings related to the topic. Then, research all aspects of it.

How do you conduct competitor research?

  • How many times higher-ranking articles on SERP have used H1 H2 H3 etc?
  • Method of their internal & external linking. Explore if they have also interlinked their off-page content (Medium or LinkedIn Pulse).
  • What tone they have used in their content?
  • Identifying unique factors that they have used in their articles. This can be anything: Style, Any Plugin, Format, etc.
  • Their keyword density, focus & phrase keywords.

How much time do you take to write a long-form (3000-word) article?

The answer depends on the topic. If it is technical, niche-based, or core, it might take 3 working days. Otherwise, it will take 2.

If there are some poor blogs on our website, how you content writing skills would help us?

First, I will do the research again, if the topic demands intense research.

Second, I would prefer to check Keywords (Density & Distribution).

After that, their tone & pitch.The uniqueness of Headings/Sub-Headings

Further, I would do its social media posting to make the algorithm consider that blog.

Also, I would improve/add CTAs in it to make better audience conversions.

How do you know if what you’re doing is actually working?

It can take up to six months (or more) to see results. Track them with The Google Search Console.

Looking for compelling copy that drives traffic to your website, blog, or landing pages? What are you waiting for? I can solve your problem. I'm available 24/7 with prices that won't break your bank! Buy this Gig to get started.

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