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You’ve worked hard to develop an app or game that people will find useful and enjoy using. But how do you stand out of a million-strong crowd? With a great app description, you’ll create a favorable impression & entice people to download your app.

I look at some of the most popular apps in the app stores and analyze their descriptions. I take a look at the apps or games I consider to be your biggest competitors. It’s important that your app description is unique, but I might find the odd word or a stylistic touch that appeals.

The good app description isn’t just about persuading people to download your app. It can also boost your chances of appearing in the search results.

I’ll want to sprinkle important keywords into your description naturally.

You need to immediately appeal to the reader and tell them why your app is what they’re looking for.

If it’s going to do the job that you want, then your description has to read well. The text should flow naturally when you read it.

  • I use a spell check and make sure there are no typos in there.
  • I experiment with switching paragraphs and sentences around until you get the desired effect.
  • I Read it out aloud.

If I’ve included everything that was on my list and there’s room to spare, then finish with a final call to action (CTA). A quick recap and a last appeal to download your app can be effective.

In a nutshell, this is how I write an exciting App Store description:

  • I start with research and create that list of features, highlights, and reasons to install.
  • I stir in some keywords and desirable phrases to help people find your app.
  • I focus on an attention-grabbing introduction and follow up with a measured and honest appraisal of your app’s highlights.
  • I tweak, re-order, and edit the description until it flows beautifully.
  • I consider the visual impact of your layout.

When it’s done, I polish it, and put a plan in place to localize it for more attention in other markets and for regular updates to keep it current.

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