WordPress Development/Setup/Customization/Optimization

Hello! My name is Patrick and I am a software engineer from Heidelberg, Germany. I have a passion for interactive web technologies and cross-platform development.

If you need help with your WordPress site in terms of setting it up, custom develpment, customization or simply optimization of your site - do not hesitiate to contact me!

My portfolio contains pages for artists, medical products and clans as well as status boards, e commerce systems, cloud storage solutions and full community management systems - most of wich created with Laravel. I also work with WordPress if a customer does choose so. I love FOSS, I love reading the Documentation and always try to use cutting edge standards.

I am very familiar with Bootstrap as well as other frameworks such as Tailwind. For reactive Frontends, most of the time I do use React and lately Laravel Livewire. I love creating complex Backends using Laravel and containerized my projects using Docker. I also know how to use a Debugger and find the bug - always!

I have been into web development for almost 10 years now, i love what i am doing and i am always working on new projects. Make sure to check out the portfolio on my homepage as well as my public GitHub:

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Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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