NOTE: You don't have to go into detail but please explain how you would do so when you message me, I won't reply unless you do so, this way I can filter out the real devs from the bad ones.  I will not respond to hello, hi, hey, or anything. I'm looking for a serious dev not some wannabe, thank you.

Please do not reply if you don't know for sure that you can do it, this is not a test. tokens that have done a version of this:

affinitybsc aka safeaffinity:

earnhub:  (term they named anyflect,  state that they are the First Modular Enabled Token, allowing the contract to be upgraded on the blockchain, adding new features like new buy-back systems, auto-balancing staking pools, Play to Earn (P2E) mechanisms, and more.)

both are doing it through it's main contract, token in question is being created right now so if a separate staking contract can't be create in this manner then willing to add code to main contract to allow for these two functions to co-exist.


Project requirement:

create a staking smart contract that rewards staking with reflection in tokens based of locked staking period with monthly multiplier,  but continues to reward BUSD reflections whiled  being staked. 

simply stated: as token is staked, continues reflecting BUSD as it was original created but now it will also receive staking rewards (reflected in the token itself), both function co-existing together.

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Custom BEP20 TOKEN, ico page, website

Of course not $1 but I'm not giving a value as everyone's opinion if price is different so I'll go w whoever I feel is most capable.The goal(s) of this ASSIGNMENT has 3 LABELED SECTION. A) PRICING FOR EACH DONE SEPERATELY B)TOKEN DEV and LANDING PAGE FOR PRIVATE/SEED, ICO/CROWDSOURCEC) ALL THREE TOKEN DEV10,000,000,000 (10billion) 15% private sale12% Public sale20% development - wallet - no vest31% ecosystem rewards (staking/p2e,airdrop, p2e)8% lock Liquidity 6% founders wallet - vesting5% treasury/marketing/advisors - no vest Buy tax3% back to holders2% auto Liquidity2% buyback (swapping native token for busd to act as 2nd Liquidity by exchanging reserve Liquidity for ANTN in main LP)1% marketing8% buy tax total  8% back to holders2% auto LP2% buyback3% marketing15% sell tax total Option for manual burn.Anti-botAnti-whale (0.12%) is it possible to limit up to 0.12% selling in a 24 hour period.Ability to change tax?PRIVATE AND ICO/CROWDSOURCE LANDING PAGES to purchase tokens WEBSITE Create website explaining- token- company-team members - dashboard to show rewards and other statistics, chart from either poocoin. dexscreener, etc to show price movementEx. whitepaper and one pager.- seperate pages on website for seed sale (pre-ICO) and page for ICO/crowdsale Walkthrough on how to update/change info on website including deleting of seed sale page and ICO page after sale is completed. Ownership of all has to be transferred 100% to admin.Define plan for executing all needed steps of the whole workflow- Test the whole workflow on Testnets - has to be successfull at launch at the first try!- Walk us through all relevant steps with screen sharing when executing it on mainnet. We will request once completed the job a PDF document that explains how to manage the token. 1 to 2 month continued support to ensure smooth transitions. -timeline of completion Example of all three done 

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I am looking for a customer to help me sell my ebooks

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