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Smart contracts on the blockchain can improve the speed, efficiency, and security of your transaction-based processes. Our blockchain software development services assist companies in implementing custom decentralised solutions that reduce costs and improve security by eliminating paperwork, streamlining data exchanges without the use of intermediaries, and reducing prices.

  • DeFi smart contract development.

  • Using client libraries like Web3 to develop RPC.

  • Using libraries like OpenZeppelin to secure smart contracts.

  • Using the Truffle framework to create Ethereum dApps.

  • Integration with popular cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask.

  • Smart contract development with OpenZeppelin-cli that can be upgraded, etc.

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flash loan arbitrage bot

I already have the token and exchange up and running.  Just a bot for ETH.....if works then we can move to BNB

darle voz femenina latinoamericana a tus proyectos

VOZ EN OFF FEMENINA ( Spanish) Actriz y locutora. Puedo apoyar tu proyecto con la voz en off que requieran tus propuestas con voz femenina en español 

Fork a open source polygon project to BNB chain

There's a fully open-source project on Polygon that I want to fork both on Polygon and BNB Chain. I want the smart-contracts forked but also the user interface (React app) copied and customizable and installed on my hosted domain.Some minimal documentation/instructions should be provided by you as well to walk me through things.I will pay 750 USD for this, but if work is done properly there's a 100% chance of follow-up work (more EVM chains, customization, etc).

MERN Stack Expert -Crypto App

The Budget is a placeholder. We can discuss the actual budget at the time of discussion. Expert coder with a good knowledge of crypto, Trading bots, MERN stack is required for Frontend integration with the backend code. The backend logic is ready and requires integration with frontend. We are using React, Nodejs, MongoDb. Besides frontend integration, you'd also need to make a few frontend logic fixes as per the application requirements. Please revert only if u have very good working experience in the things mentioned above.

Fundraising promotion

I have promote your link virally to reach large number of audience.I have converting strategies that will work for your project.Kindly contact me now to get started on your project.I look forward to work with you soon.Thanks 

Affiliate link promotion

I will promote your affiliate link virally to your targeted audience.I have high converting strategies in store for you.  Inbox me now to get more explanation on it.

FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version 7.0.0

About FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version  7.0.0 FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version  7.0.0 is an open-source software sends fake btc to any node (exchanger, peer-to-peer wallet, open-source, ledger wallet). The features of FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version  7.0.0 -Work in all countries, no ip address restriction-Send transactions with confirmation-No transaction limit per day-No amount limit per day-Can send up to 500 BTC per transaction-Stay in the wallet for more than 180 days-100% Anonymous (clears your history after each transaction)-You can edit transaction fees-you can receive the balance automatically without confirmation.-Transferable from one wallet to another-Support all btc format address (segwit, legacy, bch ) What you need to use this software: -A computer with a windows system (windows 7 at least)-It also works on RDP Admin contact : Telegram : @gainBTC1

I Will Make You NFT Collection 1000 - 10000 With Metadata

I can create nft realistic 2D collections ranging from animals, anime, classic cartoons and so on. ( For See My Work Chat On Whatsapp at +628819463788 )I have worked on several NFT projects, among others. Work result : Sirian Universe (Opensea)Cepot Community (Opensea)Komodo Dragon (Opensea)Sompound NFT (Opensea)Fatcatsu (Opensea)Coco Bobs (Opensea)Moodles (Opensea)Cute Mummy Society ( Solana Upcoming )Dillo Lizard NFT ( Upcoming Solana & Magiceden )Hamsta (Craft Network)APE SNL ( Opensea )Dino Baby Xeca ( Upcoming Magic Eden )Socialite Caravuru (Craft Network)Lilo Fantasy ( Magic Eden )Budi Family ( Magic Eden )Etc . .For processing 3 - 4 days (max.5) . . Feature : Character Design (Single Body)1Accessories (5-28 Traits): Character, Face, Eyes, Mouth, Hair, Beard, Mask, Earrings, Outfit ( Shirt / Sweater ).Meta data (JSON File) is used for upload/Copy details & NFT properties. (To Upload Using Smartcontract NFT)Support Ethereum network, Polygon, Solana, Smartchain . .Available Quality: 512 x 512 px1080 x 1080 px2160 x 2160 pX3072 X 3072 px4096 x 4096 pxFor Chat Hub Whatsapp on +628819463788

Need NFT minting bot on Solana

I am looking for a solana expert to develop NFT minting bot.You mush have an experience in it. On regarding the payment, I can pay you after checking your result.If you agree with my payment, please apply. Best regards

Experience LIT Maker

Ma sendi e