Full Stack Engineer - Mainapp

Taipei, Taiwan
Full time
Compensation is not specified
Full-Stack Engineer

We are a team dedicated to creating, enhancing, and maintaining software for fiat wallet projects. You will actively contribute to designing various components of scalable applications, ranging from frontend UI to backend infrastructure, with a focus on providing improved accessibility for multiple currency rails in different countries. As a Full-stack Developer, you will be involved in designing, developing, and optimizing software for new fiat wallet projects that align with our core businesses and are executed efficiently with a lean team.


  • Engage in full stack development, recommend architectural choices, participate in design discussions, conduct design and code reviews, and implement products that bridge the gap between Crypto.com and developers/end-users.
  • Develop prototypes for innovative concepts related to new fiat payment networks or platforms proposed by the team.
  • Take ownership of projects, explore new technologies, and experiment with various approaches.
  • Identify and resolve complex issues pertaining to large-scale backend infrastructure and web platforms.
  • Maintain thorough documentation of all implemented code and features.
  • Collaborate closely with DevOps and Infrastructure teams to enhance the technical stack for long-term engineering ventures.


  • Passionate about developing top-notch products to address real-world challenges, adept with diverse technologies, self-driven, quick to learn, and possess a proactive attitude towards tasks.
  • Willingness to embrace superior ideas, eager to enhance processes, open to facing challenges and exploring opportunities.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills with the ability to manage conflicting requirements from different stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of financial domains or Blockchain technology is advantageous.
  • Proficient in ensuring scalability, security, and performance.
  • Essential experience in web front-end development, particularly with React/Redux.
  • Familiarity with front-end frameworks like React.js, Vue.js, Mobx, Redux, and server-side programming languages such as Ruby on Rails and Golang.
  • Understanding of global payment systems is a plus.
  • Candidates with limited experience will be considered for junior positions.

At Crypto.com, we support a dynamic working culture centered on empowering individuals to embrace new challenges within a talented, driven, and collaborative team. Employees are encouraged to seek innovative solutions, with opportunities for personal and professional growth through skill development initiatives. Join a cohesive team united towards the common goal of facilitating cryptocurrency inclusion in every wallet, with perks like flexibility in work hours, a welcoming remote-work environment, internal mobility programs, and more.

Ready to embark on an enriching journey with us? Explore a competitive salary, attractive leave entitlements, work flexibility, internal mobility opportunities, and perks including a Crypto.com visa card upon joining. At Crypto.com, we promote fairness, transparency, diversity, and inclusivity, seeking candidates from varied backgrounds to strengthen our team.

Crypto.com, established in 2016, serves over 80 million customers as the world's fastest-growing global cryptocurrency platform. Guided by the vision of "Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™," we are committed to driving cryptocurrency adoption through innovation for a more equitable digital ecosystem.

For more information about our benefits packages varied by region, contact our talent acquisition team. Explore more about us at Crypto.com.

As an equal opportunities employer, Crypto.com values diversity, inclusion, and transparent opportunities for all candidates. Applicant data is used solely for recruitment purposes, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Content Marketing Manager

Full time
About Immunefi: Immunefi is dedicated to safeguarding the future of money by acting as Web3's final defense line and a prominent bug bounty platform that proactively prevents major hacks, ensuring the safety of user funds. We are seeking talented individuals who are eager to utilize their expertise in an agile, problem-solving environment at the heart of decentralized finance to help us protect Web3.

Summary: We are looking for a dynamic content lead to develop and implement comprehensive content strategies in alignment with marketing objectives. The ideal candidate will collaborate cross-functionally, create engaging multi-channel content, and oversee end-to-end content marketing to drive lead generation while maintaining consistency with brand guidelines.

Role Responsibilities:

Create and execute a comprehensive content strategy aligned with marketing goals and business objectives.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand customer needs, industry trends, and product positioning for content planning.

Produce high-quality content across various channels such as blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, and social media.

Oversee content creation process ensuring messaging consistency and alignment with brand guidelines.

Work with SEO team to optimize content visibility and drive organic traffic.

Conceptualize and execute integrated content for marketing campaigns in alignment with key initiatives.

Leverage data and analytics to measure campaign effectiveness and adjust strategies as necessary.

Develop content to generate leads and nurture prospects across the sales funnel.

Create content for email campaigns, landing pages, and other lead generation activities.

Manage and enhance social media presence by curating relevant content.

Collaborate with internal teams to ensure cohesive messaging across touchpoints.

Provide content support for sales enablement to ensure effective communication.


Minimum of 5 years of content marketing experience in B2B SaaS Enterprise or Startup.

Knowledge or experience in Web3/Blockchain.

Previous experience in content creation as well as defining and executing content marketing strategies.

Preferable experience in executing content marketing in a Blockchain enterprise or software context.

Working at Immunefi: Immunefi is the leading Bug Bounty Marketplace in the crypto/Web3 space, committed to protecting billions of user funds. We aim for excellence and seek highly skilled professionals to join our collaborative, fast-paced team that values innovative ideas and communication. As a remote team, self-driven work and cross-timezone communication skills are essential.

Core Values:

Start with the customer.

Maintain high security standards.

Exhibit bias for action.

Strive for excellence.

Think big and bold.

Take ownership and drive outcomes.

Build trust and act with integrity.

What We Offer:

Fully remote work environment with a flexible schedule.

Autonomous work setting with a reliable team.

Opportunity to contribute to an early-stage company in a rapidly evolving market.

Global exposure and impact in a dynamic ecosystem.

Involvement in securing the smart contract ecosystem and future of money.

Product Lead - Digital Community

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia +1
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia +1
Full time
Every big corporation originated as a startup, holding valuable resources, talent, and expertise that could drive remarkable growth. However, many companies fail to leverage their inherent advantages due to a lack of entrepreneurial spirit and agility.

Mach49 specializes in helping ambitious companies unleash disruptive growth through Venture Building and Venture Investing, bringing Silicon Valley insights and strategies to create new ventures and investments without creating dependency.

** of Role**

We are introducing an innovative online social club aimed at connecting like-minded individuals globally who are passionate about technology, the arts, travel, and other interests.

The role of Community & Marketing Leader is pivotal in the development, expansion, and direction of this global community. The ideal candidate must have a strategic mindset combined with a hands-on approach to ensure a successful launch and growth through effective marketing campaigns and engagement strategies. Additionally, maintaining community guidelines and ensuring trust and safety are crucial aspects of this role.


Design and implement go-to-market strategies to introduce and expand the online social club.

Organize engaging online events to facilitate member connections and enhance community vibrancy.

Lead recruitment efforts for new community members and recognize member contributions.

Host virtual events and manage initiatives to drive community growth.

Establish metrics for community health and implement tracking tools for performance assessment.

Continuously evaluate programs for improvement and optimize member engagement.

Develop community guidelines and ensure trust and safety measures are in place.

Create compelling brand stories and content for different channels.

Collaborate with various teams to achieve targets and goals.

Build partnerships with industry leaders to enhance the club’s reputation.

Stay updated on current trends in the online social and community space to adapt strategies accordingly.

This role initially offers a six-month fixed-term employment contract with extension potential based on performance and project progress.


5+ years of experience in marketing, go-to-market strategies, and community development.

Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience required.

Proficiency in online social engagement platforms, metaverse, or web3 communities.

Strong project management skills and ability to adapt to change.

Experience in brand storytelling, content creation, and digital marketing.

Analytical mindset with a focus on metrics for iterative improvements.

Strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Mach49 is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer that promotes diversity and inclusivity within a supportive working environment, requiring background and reference checks for candidates. Authorization to work remotely from within KSA is mandatory.

Rust Engineer

South America
South America
Full time
Edge & Node stands at the forefront of web3 innovation, envisioning a world characterized by individual autonomy, collective self-sovereignty, and boundless collaboration. Founded by the creators of The Graph, our mission is to establish The Graph as the unshakable foundation of open data on the internet. We have pioneered and standardized subgraphs across the industry to cement The Graph as the definitive platform for organizing and accessing blockchain data. With a profound expertise in developing open-source software, tooling, and protocols, we empower creators and entrepreneurs to develop groundbreaking applications with revolutionary digital infrastructure.

Our core principles shape our journey towards shaping the future. We advocate for a decentralized internet, free from concentrated power, where collective consensus determines truth rather than authoritative control. Our dedication to censorship resistance reinforces our vision of an information age liberated from the influence of a single entity. By prioritizing open-source development, we challenge the status quo of web2, acknowledging that true innovation thrives in transparent and collaborative environments. We imagine a permissionless future where central gatekeepers are rendered obsolete, and trust transitions from intermediaries to trustless systems, leveraging smart contracts to eradicate inherent vulnerabilities.

The Graph-Node Engineering team is dedicated to building and maintaining essential software components that drive The Graph's functionality. Our focus lies particularly on graph-node, an open-source Rust project that forms the core indexing foundation of The Graph.

We are searching for a skilled and motivated software engineer to support us in developing and implementing optimizations for The Graph's Hosted Service and our graph-node codebase. This role necessitates a proficient understanding of Rust, experience in open-source software development, and preferably previous exposure to infrastructure and database technologies. The maintenance of our graph-node codebase is paramount as all subgraphs in The Graph ecosystem and queries in our Hosted Service rely on this software.


Collaborating closely with operations and development engineers to identify areas for codebase enhancements

Participating in design meetings with external core development team engineers and reviewing their PRs

Designing, engineering, and implementing high-priority improvements for The Graph's Hosted Service platform

Analyzing requirements for specified initiatives, devising innovative solutions, and translating them into feature designs

Writing efficient, testable, and reusable code in Rust

Creating unit and integration tests and assisting in the development of automation tools for recurring tasks


Proven expertise and deep understanding of Rust; familiarity with Assemblyscript/Typescript is advantageous

Knowledge of the open-source software development process

Strong grasp of software design patterns to create reusable, extensible, and modular components

Basic understanding or awareness of blockchain or distributed technology is preferred

Availability for rotating on-call duty during working hours

Experience with ops and infrastructure (e.g., testing, tooling) and familiarity with Postgres databases is highly desirable

Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with a multinational team across various time zones

About The Graph:

The Graph serves as the indexing and querying layer of web3. The Graph Network introduced its self-service experience for developers in July 2021. Developers can construct and publish open APIs known as subgraphs that applications can query using GraphQL. The Graph supports data indexing from multiple networks such as Ethereum, NEAR, Arbitrium, and more. Over 28,000 developers have built subgraphs for a variety of applications utilizing The Graph ecosystem. The community encourages developers to deploy subgraphs on the network through the updated Subgraph Studio or explore existing subgraphs in the Graph Explorer.

The Graph Foundation supervises The Graph Network and is governed by the Technical Council. Several organizations, including Edge & Node, StreamingFast, Messari, Semiotic, and The Guild, contribute to The Graph ecosystem.

If you are a developer involved in building web3 applications, using The Graph's subgraphs allows for efficient indexing and data querying from blockchains. Join The Graph community on Discord for engaging technical discussions or participate in The Graph's various social media channels for updates and insights.

1. UI Engineer

Full time
We are currently operating remotely for all roles within the Dora team. If you would like to get in touch, please reach out to us via email at Recruiting@dorahacks.com.

We are in search of a UI Engineer to become a valuable member of our team. The primary focus of this role is to design user-friendly and visually pleasing frontend interfaces for our various Dora products. The ideal candidate should possess a strong passion for both design aesthetics and frontend development, with a keen eye for paying attention to finer details.


Develop visually appealing user interfaces for web-based products.

Collaborate closely with stakeholders to ensure that user interfaces align with specifications and requirements.

Create and maintain UI documentation as well as design systems.

Stay up-to-date with the latest UI trends and technologies, incorporating them into web products.

Work in conjunction with developers, designers, and the growth team to ensure the final product meets all requirements.


Verbal fluency in Mandarin (written skills not mandatory).

Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields such as Human–Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Media Arts, or related disciplines.

Prior experience as a UI/UX engineer, design engineer, or front-end engineer with strong technical proficiency.

Proficiency in leading front-end libraries and frameworks like React/Next.js, Vue/Nuxt, etc.

Strong problem-solving capabilities and excellent communication skills.

Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team.

Demonstrated enthusiasm for crafting intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing interfaces.

Familiarity with popular design tools like Figma, Framer, among others.

DoraHacks is a distinguished global hackathon organizer and an active developer incentive platform, propelling a global hacker movement in blockchain, quantum computing, and space tech. Our platform provides an array of toolkits to support developers globally in realizing their ideas and projects through hackathons, bounties, grants, and more.

There have been over 5300 startup teams from the vibrant DoraHacks community, receiving contributions exceeding $40 million from supporters worldwide. Dora's infrastructure is extensively utilized by numerous open-source communities, companies, and blockchain ecosystems for community governance and open-source funding initiatives.

For further details, please feel free to reach out to us via email at recruiting@dorahacks.com if you require any assistance during the interview process.

Staff Blockchain Engineer

Full time
Company Overview

Ex Populus is a dynamic game development studio led by experts from well-known companies like Pixar, Ubisoft, Activision, and Blizzard. The team is currently working on two highly anticipated games, Final Form and LAMOverse. As pioneers in deploying games on the Xai Blockchain, Ex Populus is setting the stage for other developers to follow suit.

Position Overview

Ex Populus is seeking a qualified Staff Blockchain Engineer to join their team remotely. The role involves contributing to the creation of an autonomous world on Xai, the premier L3 in the Arbitrum ecosystem.


Previous experience as a tech lead or staff software engineer in relevant Blockchain technologies.

A minimum of 7 years of industry experience in software engineering.

Proficiency in EVM environments and Solidity.

Demonstrated history of working on dApps or protocols that have reached production and scalability.

Familiarity with cross-chain messaging protocols.

Ability to collaborate effectively with various teams, such as game designers and developers.

Dedication to staying current with the latest blockchain advancements.

Experience in building upgradable contracts through UUPS, Transparent Proxies, or Diamonds.

Fluent in English and capable of working 8 hours per day.

Ability to work closely with the Vancouver team (Pacific Timezone) for at least 4 hours per weekday.

Experience working with non-standard, custom smart contracts.


Lead the development of significant business-critical projects.

Develop smart contracts within set timelines and quality standards.

Audit smart contracts for security and functionality.

Oversee the integration of Solidity code across platforms.

Manage all phases of blockchain development.

Ensure seamless integration of blockchain with existing applications.

Translate complex requirements into efficient code.

Design, develop, and test blockchain systems.

Create effective solutions for critical business challenges.

Adapt to changing requirements in an agile development environment.

Mentor and support team members to enhance their skills.

Ex Populus was founded by industry veterans with significant accolades, including numerous Oscar, Emmy, and Annie nominations among the team members. The diverse team has background experiences from prestigious companies like Ubisoft, Blizzard, Activision, Love Death & Robots, Pixar, Illumination, and Wargaming. We eagerly anticipate discussing this opportunity with you!