Co-Signed Course Creation on Udemy or Skillshare

i make content for both udemy and skillshare.

they both drive engagement for product by teaching users how to use your service or tool if you give away the course and training for free.

if paid then you can also collect a monthly income stream from your course content created.

with udemy it's a flat cut distributed to you based on the sale price whereas it's a per minute premium minute watched on skillshare -- different ways of putting a lens on your product but great for teaching and educating.

co-signed/co-author would mean you bring the information and teaching, teach me live, let me ask questions live, i'll cut up the output content (for instance, crypto and trading in general, not a topic i know about) and i'll use my accounts to host it as i have an existing client base (my obs course is nearly at 1000 students for instance)

alternatively, we can work together, i can edit out the umms and the pauses and distill it down to the great information and put the course together for you for you to host on your own accounts that you manage.

on the road to 20,000 students!

Terms of work
10 hour delivery

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