Live Streaming Hand Holding Consulting

i've worked in many roles as background technologist for arts and audiences EU projects in the past when it has come to 'on the ground' content creator and also assisting in the setup and deployment of live streaming assets required to cover events.

now working solely from home, due in part to the pandemic and just because, well brexit -- i'm now in a position to be able to support remote teams 1-2-1 with their webinar and live streaming requirements, from hand holding, teaching, answering questions, researching solutions, putting in place proper scheduling, interviewer outreach and more i'm offering this service here at laborX.

in a general push in 2021/22 to go more decentralised the services that i offer here are also mirrored in centralised locations as well if you wish not to pay with crypto just yet but i'm hoping you'll see the benefits of this new frontier.

most video chats are done with a secure end-to-end video chat application, at the most that's signal but we can use anything that you are comfortable with, ideally something encrypted and please, for the love of god, let it not be zoom.

I'm able to provide a number of video chat options for us to chat encrypted and secure as i assist you with your requirements.  I've put a one hour $100 min on this gig just to weed out the timewasters.

if you are looking to deploy an efficient streaming plan, are a first time live stream user and need to soundboard to someone your requirements, go over your tech specs, build in redundancy or automate your streaming flow, drop me a message.

Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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