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NFT's! NFT's! NFT's!

all the rage right now huh? (march 2021) tbh thou they have been around for years and the early pioneers of this have done extremly well out of putting their digital art onto the blockchain.  if you understand how NFT's work and you just need another set of "hands" to get things done then i'm here for hiring! -- if you are looking to take your own physical card collections and digitize them and MINT them for the web, i can help with that, happy to be account management for you.

Platforms comfortable with

  • (hive blockchain, no crazy gas fees, 5 hive.swap per item listed)
  • (ethereum blockchain, crazy gas prices, initial fee, then free from then on out, random)

can assist with setup, account creation, asset deployment, tracking, wallet setup, hardware wallet advice, token diversity suggestions, one-to-one video chats about intergration with your existing social media efforts.

Terms of work
2 hour delivery

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