OBS Theme Designer -- Speed up your Daily Video Outreach

i build out obs (open broadcaster, free software) layouts for rapidly prototyping a useful "theme" layout for recording video offline or online, even streaming if you wish to platforms like youtube, twitch even vertical with tiktok if you have the required 1000 followers.

why build a custom layout? quite simple really, speed of deployment of video messaging -- when you have a new version update, new blog pushed, reaction to an influencer, impact in the market place etc. 

One of the biggest roadblocks for someone non-creative or creative is the "setup time" of your resources and assets, ideally you just want to be able to pick a theme style and look, record it and then upload it, you want to get in, record and get out, post to your socials and get about your day -- i've made it my mission in 2021/22 to make this happen for all the crypto projects that i believe provide real utility and time saving in this space.

i have existing theme packs that i sell using stripe/gumroad for payment and i offer unique, one of kind exclusive versions here on laborx

with open broadcaster being a free tool the only cost to you is the time to pull together your high resolution graphical and video assets from your media library, some bulletpoints of "looks" you want to achieve, for what platforms you need and i'll get straight to work.

check out the graphics below to see what kind of layout styles i can achieve and how this can rapidly help you get creating regular video assets for your business.

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