I will provide Uniswap Clone

I create Uniswap Clone for entrepreneurs going to obtain the leveraging benefits of the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange Platform offering guaranteed liquidity for users and Ethereum applications.

- Public & Entirely Decentralized Automated Ecosystem
public and non-profit based entity executing quality service to Crypto aspirants.
- Stable Smart Contracts Compiled in Solidity and Vyper
readily designed and developed in the frameworks of Solidity and Vyper. Solidity and Vyper are standardized sets of solutions promoting the most valid and verified transactions.
- Web3 Compliance
Web 3.0 are sought for features that include Semantic compliance, artificial intelligence operability,3D graphics, connectivity and ubiquitous support. These features define stability of the platform developed.
- Factory and Exchange Contracts Provision
dual Smart Contracts exhibiting different functionalities in different streams. The two types of Smart Contract provisions include Factory and Exchange Contracts.
- Optimized Gas Prices
provisions offering optimal pricings which contribute to the improved usability and scalability of the platform developed.
- Enhanced Liquidity Pool Provisions
Liquidity pool provisions that has the prospect to improve the users revenue by availing the users with the considerable passive income to the direct participants.
- LP rewards
generating a passive share of income to participants through trade-off fees. The Platform accepts funds from the users and makes them the LP Providers.
- Flexible
The assets taking part through the platform are often subject to offer Flexibility. The assets obtain flexibility through creating a new token pair by supplying an equal amount of ERC20 Token.
- More Trading modes
designed as per the algorithm that suits the fluctuating prices and needs of the current Crypto market. The options contribute to the enhanced earnings.
- Improved Privacy
The Process taking place concerning the platform is operating with a prime aim to maintain privacy. privacy is maintained through the no KYC and registration free trade-off.
- Null Resistance
cannot single-handedly tackle out accessibility granting and fund allocation. the entire Decentralization process allows the users to go beyond par in the trade-off limit.

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