WAX Staking Smart Contract


we have some work done on the staking mechanism, but not completed yet

now we need to the I need to the Investor pool and claiming done. 

from our website :


contract spec:


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Defi Exchange Phase 4

 Defi exchange including exchange functionsaving/ yield / earn functions.deposit/withdraw.user dashboard/ profileadmin dashboard & backoffice manage FIAT deposit/ withdraw requests. Phase 1.  (done)- Design + functionality planning- front-end pages + Login / Register process withKYC integrationPhase 2 (done)2. - User Dashboard + coin / tokens integration withexchange apis ( binance )- deposit process- ( deposit → anchor protocol ) + balance tracking foreach userFeedback implementation (if needed duration depends onthe size of the changePhase 3 (current) - - -Phase 3. (partially done)- Admin Dashboard initial Design + UsersManagement + Coins Management- Transactions Management + Support Tickets Section +ID, Proof address, bank transfer receipts, Documents Management-------- Phase 4.   (to do)Review & ensure that all functions are working from previous phases 1-3Plus develop following features: Front end web pages updates (8 static web pages) Generate unique deposit references for fiat, per userWithdraw crypto (to external wallets)  & FIAT to bank + Coins Management (enable disable each coin for withdraws & exchange) Admin Set exchange spread for each currency (buy/sell price adjustment)Transactions Management (admin notified for deposit and withdraw requests)Admin notified for earn subscriptions - to manage (add/remove) funds to staking provider / return to krknSupport Tickets Section (user & admin can send / read support messages, replies) Documents Management:This means we store: transfer receipts, bank statements, or other documents that the user is asked to upload. Admin can review all doc history with timestampsExchange currencies in UI (swap between each crypto & fiat pairs)Calculate user balance yield interest earned in UI Support GBP, EUR, USD (fiat) & Crypto (btc, eth, usdt, usdc, sol, ada, avax, dot, matic, Dai, Trx)

Fork a open source polygon project to BNB chain

There's a fully open-source project on Polygon that I want to fork both on Polygon and BNB Chain. I want the smart-contracts forked but also the user interface (React app) copied and customizable and installed on my hosted domain.Some minimal documentation/instructions should be provided by you as well to walk me through things.I will pay 750 USD for this, but if work is done properly there's a 100% chance of follow-up work (more EVM chains, customization, etc).

MERN Stack Expert -Crypto App

The Budget is a placeholder. We can discuss the actual budget at the time of discussion. Expert coder with a good knowledge of crypto, Trading bots, MERN stack is required for Frontend integration with the backend code. The backend logic is ready and requires integration with frontend. We are using React, Nodejs, MongoDb. Besides frontend integration, you'd also need to make a few frontend logic fixes as per the application requirements. Please revert only if u have very good working experience in the things mentioned above.

Need NFT minting bot on Solana

I am looking for a solana expert to develop NFT minting bot.You mush have an experience in it. On regarding the payment, I can pay you after checking your result.If you agree with my payment, please apply. Best regards

Experience LIT Maker

Ma sendi e

Are you familiar with XRP?

These are the requirements for this project:Swap on XRP Ledger-Connect wallet with Xumm app or Ledger device.-Select tokens from XRP Ledger tokens (including DBX Coin, I will send token address tomorrow).-Peer-to-peer Swap format.-Trade is executed when buy order is matched with sell order.-Trading fee (to exchange) = 0.25% Regarding the Factory and Router, I am not too sure about this. The Swap will be a copy of XRPLCoins.com/swap. If you are ready, I will share frontend, you can start right now. Note: Don't apply to this job if you are not good fit to XRP.I will ask technical XRP ledger questions to you. Regards

Need Near Protocol expert

I am looking for Near Protocol expert.If you have an experience in it, please apply with your past projects on Near.Best regards

NFT Design / Art

Hello,I am looking for an experienced and creative NFTs artist that can help add layers of accessories and traits to my base character. This designer will need to use my base character to generate a collection of 5K-10K nfts.The character that has already been created is based upon us, twin sisters. In addition to adding these accessories to the base nft, the art needs to be:100% Original DesignQuality WorkSource File with ( JPG, PNG transparentBackground/SceneColorGenerate 10k+ NFTsAbility for Resale

Are you able to do it? A full functioning bnax.com mirror

Are you able to do it? A full functioning bnax.com mirror

We Needs Designers - Developers - Blockchain Experts

Hello dear Freelancers.If you are struggling finding online jobs, i am here to help. I have a lot of clients that needs various of online services like :- Design & Development- Blockchain- Marketing- Blogging& and many more I am looking for a professional workers who wants to work for minimum of 15$ per hour. I am looking for people who wants to work long term and to work for paycheck each month._____________________________________________Do you need professional workers ? Do you have project and need professional person or group of professionals to smash your project. I am professional recruiter and you can have yourself serious team of workers. No upfront payments, all workers doing first a free test for you so that you can choose the best one that will fits your needs.Join me on my website: https://mentrix.coI accept all hard workers and if you want to grow and earn minimum of 1500$ per month. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.