Crypto Market Making / Hummingbot Programmer


Our client is launching a new coin and the crypto exchange requires market making liquidity. We are looking for a programmer with prior experience in market making programming on Hummingbot or similar platform. Of particular interest is knowledge of market making strategies and risk management.

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Design sticker pack for Telegram

Looking to get some existing Telegram stickers to be edited and to get some inspiration for new ones. Should be somewhat professionally drawn. Templates provided. Please use the chat button to send me a message to discuss details :) Payment in TIME tokens.


I am currently looking for digitizers that are willing to digitize a piece of art that I have made for an NFT project that I am working on. 

3D visuals for generative art

I am working on an NFT project that involves a unique collection of masquerade masks. In order to successfully generate them I will need:-10 unique backgrounds-10 female masks of different shades-10 male masks of different shades-10 unique patterns that can be superimposed on top of themI have attached a few images to this gig regarding how I want the masks and the finished product to look like. In my minds eye the backgrounds set the tone for eroticism, mystery, intrigue, romance, wealth, opulence, luxury, elitism, perfection and excellence, with nothing more than a collision of colors. The masks then sit on the foreground like porcelain pieces which then have unique patterns or additions like feathers attached to them.My ideal freelancer would be quite skilled with photoshop and creating 3D visuals. Ideally I would like them to send me one finished image of background+mask+pattern, and if I like their work we could settle on a price and then they can send me the above assets which we can review together until completion.   


BEP20 BUSD REFLECTION TOKEN TO WITH STAKING REWARDS, DEX PLATFORMFixed Market CapReferral Scheme mechanismBurnableBNB/BUSD Reflections upon purchase and selling via trust wallet or Meta mask plugin like it done with EGC evergrow coinDifferent slippage for selling (XY%) and buying (XX%) – this will be shared to BUSD reflections, marketing, burning account, LP, Referral schemeAnti whale mechanismAnti dump mechanismGifting of NFTs to holders after some timeStaking integrationDEX integrationWebsitetrust wallet and metamask  wallet plugin for holders to earn referrals from purchases made by their referrals and reflections on their own holdings BUDGET CAN BE DISCUSSED


We are an online betting software company. All sports, including cyberdisciplines Dota 2, CS:GO, LOL, FIFA and others.At the moment, we are focused on the development and improvement of software, as well as on the development of a universal NFT marketplace, to unify our users by purchasing personal characters or avatars of NFT, which will allow each user to have their own unique style that distinguishes them from other users of the system. In this regard, we are looking for digital specialists engaged in the development of NFT, or having experience in 3D modeling, professional illustration, pixel art, animation and video editing. The goal is to create an NFT database in the amount of 5000 unique and 5000 recurring, with 1000 instances each.Therefore, if you have the necessary skills to work with programs that allow us to create the images, videos, models we need - contact us for further discussion of tasks and interviews.Desired skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya or other programs for working with the formats of works we need


i need a LoGo, really quick details will be shared on messaging

Marketing Campaing

We need a refreshing $Orange token marketing campaing.3k WL, 10k + usersTG, Discord, Twitter.deadline - yesterday

bitcoin flashing software

if you are looking for bitcoin flashing software for laptop version and android version .....slide into my inbox now and ask for the type of bitcoin flasher you want and also i sold mysoftware already with license key for 300$usdt for the fast person that is interested but the software is for laptop version ...... MESSAGE NOW

Need a document on how to fork olympus DAO

I am a developer too, but I don’t know how to fork olympus DAOif you have forked and deployed olympus DAO before, i need you to make a document on how to do it for me.Every step, every process including the contracts and front end.


NOTE: You don't have to go into detail but please explain how you would do so when you message me, I won't reply unless you do so, this way I can filter out the real devs from the bad ones.  I will not respond to hello, hi, hey, or anything. I'm looking for a serious dev not some wannabe, thank you. Please do not reply if you don't know for sure that you can do it, this is not a test. tokens that have done a version of this:affinitybsc aka safeaffinity:  (term they named anyflect,  state that they are the First Modular Enabled Token, allowing the contract to be upgraded on the blockchain, adding new features like new buy-back systems, auto-balancing staking pools, Play to Earn (P2E) mechanisms, and more.)both are doing it through it's main contract, token in question is being created right now so if a separate staking contract can't be create in this manner then willing to add code to main contract to allow for these two functions to co-exist.token: BEP20 BUSD REFLECTION TOKENProject requirement:create a staking smart contract that rewards staking with reflection in tokens based of locked staking period with monthly multiplier,  but continues to reward BUSD reflections whiled  being staked. simply stated: as token is staked, continues reflecting BUSD as it was original created but now it will also receive staking rewards (reflected in the token itself), both function co-existing together.