Partnerships Manager, Web3 Gaming

Full time
Compensation is not specified
Business Development

Offchain Labs specializes in scaling solutions for Ethereum, notably developing Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup technology that enhances app scalability and blockchain capacity while upholding Ethereum's security standards. The Arbitrum ecosystem boasts a significant market share, with numerous applications and a substantial percentage of rollup liquidity. Additionally, Offchain Labs contributes to Ethereum's core protocol through the Prysm consensus client, implementing a Go version of Ethereum's official specification. The team's dedication lies in expanding blockchain's potential and fostering innovation through collaborative research and discussions.

Following successful funding rounds, including a substantial Series B investment, Offchain Labs is seeking team members enthusiastic about the blockchain sector and adept at solving challenges creatively.


  • Identify, evaluate, and establish strategic partnerships with gaming studios interested in leveraging Arbitrum's technology.
  • Conduct business development outreach to onboard gaming studios to the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Engage with gaming studios regularly through various communication channels.
  • Aid gaming studios in transitioning to Arbitrum and/or deploying on the network.
  • Spearhead new initiatives within the partnerships team to enhance Arbitrum's presence in the gaming sector.
  • Keep abreast of emerging trends in gaming and understand the role of on-chain gaming assets in business growth.
  • Relay product updates to different stakeholders and contribute to the product strategy based on external feedback.


  • Background in game infrastructure, publishing, or blockchain gaming, demonstrating industry expertise.
  • Strong interest and knowledge in gaming and blockchain technologies.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills necessary for establishing and nurturing partnerships.
  • Experience in aligning internal stakeholders to support strategic decisions.
  • Ability to effectively present to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Proficient verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Previous experience with high-growth tech companies and a vast professional network in Web3 gaming.
  • Business development experience in the cryptocurrency industry is advantageous.


  • Remote-first global workforce.
  • Paid time off for vacations and sick leaves.
  • Support for attending industry or role-based conferences.
  • Program for matching ergonomic equipment.
  • Company-provided laptop.
  • Annual company offsite event.

At Offchain Labs, we prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging to foster a supportive workplace for all employees. We advocate for an environment where every individual feels valued and has equal opportunities for success, regardless of background or identity. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply and become part of our team.

Skills Required
Offchain labs
Company size
Not specified
United States
Offchain Labs has developed a suite of scaling solutions for Ethereum. This includes Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup, that instantly scales apps, reducing costs and increasing capacity, without sacrificing Ethereum's security. Porting contracts to Arbitrum requires no code changes or downloads since it’s compatible with existing Ethereum developer languages and tooling. Arbitrum today is the leading Ethereum scaling solution with dominant market share including hundreds of apps on the platform and over 40% of all rollup liquidity. Offchain labs also contribute to the Ethereum core protocol with the Prysm consensus client. The Prysm project is a Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol as detailed by its official specification. It contains a full beacon node implementation as well as a validator client for participating in blockchain consensus.

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Community Manager - Turkey

Full time
p0x labs, a group developing technologies behind projects including Manta Network, delivers privacy for web3 applications and decentralized assets through use of zero-knowledge proofs. The project is built in accordance with first principles, by applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to design and deploy protocols with high performance and strong privacy/security guarantees.
Manta Network is supported by leading investors including Polychain and Binance Labs. The founding team has extensive experience in the blockchain space and come from educational institutions including Harvard and MIT, and leading web3 projects such as Algorand. If you are excited about building privacy-preserving solutions using zero-knowledge proofs, building blockchain applications, or learning about Polkadot ecosystems, then we want to hear from you.
We are looking for a Community Manager to join the Manta Network team and help build awareness and traction for the project on a global scale. The ideal candidate is an experienced crypto community manager or marketer that has a track record of building and engaging with crypto and web3 developer communities. You must speak Turkish fluently; you do not have to reside in Türkiye.
Translate Manta Network content into Turkish across social media platforms and blogs
Communicate with the Turkish-speaking community to provide announcements, news, and updates
Design local campaigns for the Turkish-speaking community to drive engagement and achieve KPIs
Track and analyze the growth of the Turkish-speaking community to identify new opportunities for engagement
Build and maintain relationships with Turkish-speaking influencers and KOLs
Accurately represent the Manta Network brand
Identify key events and speaking opportunities
A strong passion for web3 and privacy
Excellent communication skills with high EQ
Proven experience building crypto and developer communities
Experience managing others
Excellent writing skills in your local language
The ability to simplify complex concepts in a clear and accessible way
Experience launching events (both virtual and physical)
Familiar with crypto and blockchain concepts
Experience with digital marketing and social media
Life at p0x labs
p0x labs is comprised of a diverse and global group of core contributors. We offer a friendly, flexible work environment that provides full-remote opportunities. Our team is full of bright and motivated minds. Despite our geographical diversity, we host events both virtual and physical to promote a strong culture. We also pride ourselves on our ability to move fast as a cohesive team.
Additional Benefits with p0x labs
- Competitive compensation
- Unlimited PTO
- Token allocation
- Remote-first
- Inclusive team
- Education opportunites
- Conference travel
- Many other benefits!

Head of Operations

Full time
Hippo Capital, a regulated provider in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) sector, part of the Gate entities, specializing in Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading of virtual assets, is seeking an experienced and highly skilled Head of Operations.
What you will be doing
Oversee the day-to-day operations of the OTC business, ensuring that all processes are efficient, compliant, and scalable.
Develop and implement operational strategies, processes, and procedures to enhance efficiency and productivity.
Manage OTC trading of virtual assets in compliance with regulatory requirements.
Design and implement internal systems (back office, etc) for OTC trading of virtual assets.
Coordinate with internal teams to ensure seamless and secure operational activities.
Monitor and analyse operational performance, identifying areas for improvement.
Ensure the company's operations comply with all applicable regulations, particularly those set by the GFSC.
Drive operational excellence and innovation within the company.
Prepare and present operational reports to the board.
What we are looking for
Proven experience working as Head of Operations at OTC broker business within a DLT or Virtual Assets Provider GFSC regulated company.
Strong hands on experience of OTC operations and trading of virtual assets.
Advanced degree in Finance, Economics, or a related field.
Professional certifications, relevant to the financial and virtual assets industry.
Deep understanding and experience of the crypto industry.
Demonstrated expertise in financial, operational, and trading qualifications.
In-depth understanding of the regulatory environment for virtual assets, particularly in Gibraltar.
Exceptional leadership and managerial skills.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Must be based in Gibraltar.
Must be approved by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).
Proven track record of successfully leading and managing operational teams in a fast-paced environment.
Gate Entities is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are
committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.
This job description aims to attract highly qualified candidates with specific experience in OTC trading of virtual assets within a regulated framework, ensuring that the operational head can effectively manage and comply with GFSC regulations while leading the company towards operational excellence.

Product Strategist

Full time
We believe Ethereum has the potential to solve some of humanity’s most crucial coordination issues. Since our initial inception as a research group, we have sought to scale both its technology and values.
At present, the most pressing bottleneck to the growth of Ethereum is its performance and scalability. We are building the most elegant solution to this problem. We do this in the open (under an MIT open source license) because we believe in open source innovation and its ability to accelerate growth.
OP Labs is building Optimism mainnet, and by extension, the infrastructure that powers all OP-Stack chains. We are improving Ethereum’s performance by orders of magnitude and donating the profits from doing so to funding Ethereum public goods. By operating as a Public Benefit Corporation, OP Labs can align its incentives with the public good and take positive-sum steps toward a sustainable future for the internet.
We’re looking for a practical and deep-thinking Product Strategist to help craft our “emerging technology” product strategy. Today, the Superchain is the leading L2 ecosystem w/ over 10M MAUs. This role will ensure the Superchain stays at the forefront of innovation, consumer UX, and security by defining, and executing, its path to adopt new and emerging technologies.
The Superchain is rapidly evolving: blobs, permissionless fault proofs, and (coming soon!) native interoperability. Many new and exciting technologies hold promise to further differentiate the Superchain and expand the design space of what’s possible with L2s. This role will enumerate, prioritize, evaluate, and, eventually, help integrate these technologies into the Superchain.
What are the role responsibilities?
Define the vision, strategy, and product roadmap to grow the Superchain by incorporating emerging technologies such as ZKPs, shared sequencing, AI, and more
Have the technical chops to run and benchmark emerging technologies
Dig-in to Githubs, Discords, and community channels to separate signal from noise
Build lasting relationships with “frontier tech” teams to stay up-to-date on their latest developments and bring them into the Superchain
Educate the Collective on the the current state of relevant technologies and their long-term value to the Superchain
What skills do you bring?
5+ years writing production code in crypto with an emphasis on smart contracts and infra
ELI5 emerging technologies and their long-term value to our existing products
Experience identifying and interacting with the best teams in crypto
Deep strategic thinking coupled with clear, pithy writing
What will you like about us?
We take care of our employees. Competitive compensation, fully paid medical, dental, and vision, and a 4% 401K match—learn more about our benefits, culture, and all recruiting FAQ here:
We take pride in the accomplishments of our teammates and support each other in doing the best work of our careers.
Our team is a diverse group of people from varied backgrounds. We cherish our eclecticism and consider it a great strength.
We’re fully remote, deeply engaged, highly skilled, and like to have fun.
We think long-term. Our founders have been scaling Ethereum since 2015.
We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds to apply. We believe that our work is stronger with a variety of perspectives, and we’re eager to further diversify our company. If you have a background that you feel would make an impact at Optimism, please consider applying. We’re committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best work of your career.

Senior Full Stack Blockchain Developer

London, UK
London, UK
Full time
About the Role:We are seeking a talented and motivated Blockchain & Full Stack Developer to join our growing team. As a key member, you will be responsible for building and maintaining our innovative NFT marketplace platform. This role requires strong expertise in the MERN stack, Web3.js, Metamask integration, and NFT market development. Responsibilities:* Develop and maintain the front-end (React.js) and back-end (Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB) of the NFT marketplace platform.* Implement Web3.js functionalities for seamless integration with the blockchain, including:* Smart contract interaction.* Secure token management and transactions.* Metamask wallet integration for user authentication and transactions.* Design and develop robust APIs for interacting with blockchain networks and external services.* Build secure and scalable solutions for managing NFTs, including minting, listing, bidding, and purchasing.* Develop and implement innovative features to enhance the user experience and functionality of the platform.* Collaborate with designers and other developers to ensure a seamless and visually appealing platform.* Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in blockchain technology, Web3.js, and NFT development. Qualifications:* Strong proficiency in the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js).* Extensive experience with Web3.js and its applications in blockchain development.* In-depth understanding of smart contracts, token standards (ERC-20, ERC-721), and blockchain fundamentals.* Experience with Metamask wallet integration and other popular crypto wallets.* Proven track record of building and deploying successful NFT marketplace platforms or related applications.* Excellent communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills.* Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Bonus Points:* Familiarity with other blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon).* Experience with front-end frameworks like Next.js or Gatsby.* Knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS or Google Cloud.* Passion for the NFT and blockchain space. We offer:* Competitive salary and benefits package.* Opportunity to work on cutting-edge blockchain projects.* Collaborative and supportive work environment.* Opportunities for professional development and growth. Apply:Please submit your resume and cover letter to 
Payment in Crypto
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Full-stack Blockchain Developer

Europa, America
Europa, America
Full time
We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced senior developer to spearhead the update of our e-commerce site. The previous freelancer had to leave due to unforeseen circumstances, and we are now looking for another developer to take the reins.
Project Overview:
The POC for the e-commerce site has been successfully completed, allowing users to make purchases using SOL cryptocurrency.
The next phase of the project involves expanding the functionality to include all major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, and transitioning from the POC to a fully operational e-commerce site.
- Functionality Expansion
To expand the system's functionality to include all major cryptocurrencies, the following cryptocurrencies will be added: ETH, BTC, USDT, BNB, USDC, XRP, TON, ADA, TRX.
Additionally, support for more cryptocurrencies will be added in the future.
- Project Development
Lead the transition from the POC to a fully operational e-commerce site, incorporating additional functions and enhancing security measures.
- UI/UX Update
Revamp the user interface and user experience to elevate the overall design and usability of the platform.
If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit your similar projects and GitHub ID, detailing how your expertise aligns with the tasks outlined above.
We look forward to welcoming a talented individual to our team and embarking on this innovative journey together.
Join us in shaping the future of e-commerce and cryptocurrency transactions.
Payment in Crypto
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