I need someone to create alert on trading view


I need someone to create alert on trading view

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Full Stack Developer who has 5 + years of experience.

Hello.I am looking for a full stack developer who has extensive concept of web technologies.I will verify your skills and knowledge via call.Thanks.

Edit a CodeIgniter Website

I want to edit some responsive design of my websiteI also want to integrate the imagekit.io system to my photos, so they don't get uploaded on the server and instead, be uploaded on imagekit.io

Website design for business and investment

Hi I need a site designer who can design a site with two main page sections and a complete dashboard and have different sections. This site can identify and confirm digital currency transactions. Calculate and reward the amounts. It can identify and authenticate at several levels. Different parts of the site can be accessed after investment. A panel for the admin to approve or reject withdrawals and a calculator to identify and confirm the correctness of people's commissions. Another calculator is needed that can calculate a series of incomes instantly, daily and weekly.

Need a Financial Advisor

I search man/woman, who can make tokenomic for one my token project. Like requirement, you should have already experience in that. If you will make good your job, so we can hire to the long term in role Financial Advisor 

Develop Dex/Defi protocols like Sushiswap

*This proposal is only open to those who have forked and customized Sushiswap in the past.As a condition for selecting a developer, we will ask you to submit your portfolio of a Dex/Defi project that you have developed in the past. And then reviewing it we will decide on the developer of this job. We would like to create the following system. List of main features1. Cross-chain Swap (like "xSwap" in Sushiswap 2.0)   Minimum supported chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (more is even better)2. Multi-chain liquidity mining pool (like "Earn" in Sushiswap 2.0)   Minimum supported chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (more is even better)3. Staking with own native token (normal staking or like Sushiswap staking [Sushi - xSushi])   Our native token: ERC20 token4. NFT Marketplace (like "NFT Marketplace" in Pancakeswap or OpenSea) We do not specify the means or method of implementing above features.Regarding how to develop, please propose the methods from the developer such as forking or cloning existing Sushiswap, Uniswap or Pancake, or developing from scratch. There is no specification regarding the UI, but the background color should be white base.If you can customize UI, please refer to the attached document (our request). Development List1. Normal Swap(single chain) + Cross-chain Swap: both necessary2. Multi-chain liquidity mining pool3. Staking with own native tokens4. NFT Marketplace5. Issuance of ERC20 tokens6. Custom UI Cost: $1,500~2,000Duration: 2~3 weeksRequirements: Developers who have forked and customized Sushiswap in the past.


Hi Everyone. I will need a Drupal expert to help me with a website. We have a simple mock-up in Adobe XD and we need a connection with the API (fetching data and management).The website should be similar to this https://celebnewsplug.blogspot.com/ Deadline: 14/12/2022 Budget: 220 EUR

Blockchain Developer in Dfinity,cosmwasm

I am looking for a cosmwasm ,ICP developer for my project.

Crypto P2E game - Need Tester

Hello!We need guys on the team who will help in testing the new P2E game!Requirements :Must be in the crypto world for at least 1 yearHave basic knowledge of crypto and NftHave knowledge about blockchainsMore info - Email/Dm me!Our purpose is to have a title that provides an immersive experience in our world. To achieve this goal, we need creative testers that are passionate about gaming (RPG, RTS, MOBA, METAVERSE etc.) and can contribute to our testing scenarios and methods. Enthusiast about the industry and has a background in testing AAA titles, handles his tasks autonomously within the estimated time, flexible and adaptive in covering diverse areas of the game. This job is 100% remote and we are looking to recruit the best talent globally!

write a review of two websites for me

Hello, I'd like you to write me a review of the two most popular adult videos (more details after i hire you).Each review should be 1500 words,The review should include pros and cons,And describe all the features it has or has not,Mention there about paid plans, free usage, ads,

Front Arena Developer for Longform Trade Confirmations

Your main tasks:Participation in onboarding and integrating the Longform Trade Confirmation applications Front Arena Prime.Advising our internal staff at CFS Group on technical and professional issues and implementation optionsTesting, documenting and implementing the necessary code changes Ideally, you have experience with the following technologies:Experience as a developer with Front Arena, especially ACM & ADFLseveral years of programming experience with PythonJava knowledge an advantageExperience with Windows Server and MS SQLProject experience in IT with the conception, configuration and integration of applications Your personal strengths:Quick comprehension as well as analytical and conceptual thinkingVery high quality awareness and precise working methodTeam and customer oriented personality