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What is Menyala? Menyala is a venture builder founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. We empower builders to drive technological shifts.
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Lead/Senior Full Stack Engineer – ReactJS (Splore, Singapore)

Full time
About Company:

Come work at a cutting-edge venture backed by Temasek and Menyala, dedicated to revolutionizing search and exploration for the new age group. Our team at this early-phase startup is crafting an innovative AI-driven search engine, tailored to the wide-ranging interests of the digital generation. From anime and comics to diverse knowledge, our goal is to provide a personalized search journey on our exclusive Splore platform. With expertise in machine learning and consumer tech, we combine web data with exclusive insights for unique, tailored outcomes. Join us in our mission to establish the go-to platform for knowledge and discovery in a digitized world craving diverse engagement.

Role Overview:

We are on the lookout for a driven Full Stack Engineer experienced in creating front-end search interfaces with ReactJS, AI integration, and developing scalable backend services utilizing NodeJs and databases. The ideal candidate will possess strong web development skills, familiarity with JavaScript and cloud services, along with an interest in conversational interfaces, GraphQL, microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, AI, and emerging trends in front-end development.

Primary Responsibilities:

In this position, you will:

Collaborate with senior engineers to enhance ReactJS-based front-end search interfaces with AI techniques for intuitive results.

Construct scalable back-end services with NodeJs and MongoDB/PSQL.

Design APIs for seamless integration of AI/ML models.

Have proficiency in GraphQL and API security.

Develop chatbot interfaces for conversational search experiences.

Engage in exploring new technologies like voice and visual search to elevate user interactions.

Desired Attributes:

We are searching for a Full Stack Engineer with the following attributes:

Adaptable: Flourish in dynamic settings by making informed decisions and embracing uncertainty.

Team Player: Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to drive progress.

Quick Learner: Enjoy learning in a startup environment, explore various challenges, and stay updated on tech trends.

Technical Skills: Solid foundation in ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB/PSQL, deploying Docker and Kubernetes, and expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.


Hands-on experience in consuming RESTful APIs and cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure.

Skilled in GraphQL usage and building microservices.

Lead/ Senior Full Stack Engineer – ReactJS (Splore, BLR India)

Bengaluru, India +2
Bengaluru, India +2
Full time
About Splore

Splore is an innovative startup backed by Temasek and Menyala that is revolutionizing search and discovery for the next generation. Our mission is to be the knowledge and discovery engine for today's digital and diverse world. Our team of experts in machine learning, distributed systems, and consumer applications are developing a ground-breaking AI-powered search engine called, which aims to provide a personalized and engaging search experience to cater to a wide range of passions and interests.

Responsibilities of the Full Stack Engineer

As a Full Stack Engineer at Splore, you will play a crucial role in the development and optimization of the front-end search interfaces using ReactJS. You will integrate AI techniques, such as natural language processing, to deliver intelligent search results. Additionally, you will be responsible for building scalable back-end application services using NodeJs and databases. Your role will involve designing APIs and Events framework to seamlessly integrate AI/ML models into the application. Experience with GraphQL and API security is desired, as well as the ability to develop chatbot interfaces leveraging NLP for conversational search experiences. Lastly, you will also participate in proof-of-concepts for emerging technologies like voice search and visual search to enhance the user experiences.

Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

We are seeking a Full Stack Engineer who possesses the following traits:

Adaptability: You excel in dynamic environments and can make informed decisions amidst evolving scenarios, embracing uncertainty with ease.

Collaborative: Teamwork is essential at Splore, and you will collaborate closely with other Senior Engineers, as well as cross-functionally with Product, Design, and Engineering teams to develop and deploy conversational interfaces and chatbots.

Continual Learning: Thriving in a startup environment, you are not afraid to embrace new challenges and learn through experimentation. You stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends, immersing yourself in AI, frontend, and microservices.

Technical Skills: You have a strong foundation in developing web applications using ReactJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB/PSQL. Experience with Docker and Kubernetes, as well as proficiency in JavaScript, ES6, HTML5, and CSS3, is essential. You have hands-on experience with RESTful APIs and streaming, and familiarity with cloud platform services like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Vercel. Additionally, you are skilled in GraphQL usage and building microservices.

Entrepreneur in Residence (Web3 Developer Platform)

New York, USA
New York, USA
Full time
Role Description:

About Menyala:

Menyala is a venture builder company established by Temasek, a global investment firm based in Singapore. Our mission is to empower innovators in driving technological advancements.

The Opportunity:

We are in search of an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) to join our team. As an EIR, you will play a crucial role in exploring and shaping the future of a next-generation Gen AI-powered web3 developer platform. Our goal is to simplify the web3 development process and create a seamless experience for web2 developers and beyond. We aspire to revolutionize the web3 ecosystem and pave the foundation for the next wave of applications. This opportunity presents a chance to take this project from validation to market as a fully-fledged venture.


As an EIR, your responsibilities will include:

Leading a team of Venture Architects, Technologists, Engineers, Product/Design members

Providing thought leadership across Product/Development/GTM and partner strategies

Leveraging your past experiences in successfully launching and commercializing tech-driven ventures

Thriving in a fast-paced environment and effectively communicating with stakeholders

Desired Attributes:

The ideal candidate for this position should possess:

Previous experience as a technical founder or CTO in building a web3/web2 developer platform

A strong understanding of web3 developer tools and the broader ecosystem, including the latest protocols and projects

A solid presence within the web3 developer community, particularly in the US/APAC region

Familiarity with GenAI and its potential for automating and simplifying complexities in web3 development

If you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring the next wave of developers into the web3 space, we look forward to connecting with you!

Engineering Leader (Payments Venture)

Full time
About Menyala
Menyala is an innovative venture builder established by Temasek, a prominent global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. Our focus is empowering visionaries to drive transformation through technology.
Role Overview
Join our passionate team on a mission to revolutionize global money transfers. We are committed to making international payments faster, more affordable, and highly dependable. We are seeking a highly capable engineering leader who is comfortable rolling up their sleeves and actively contributing to building a scalable solution that addresses real-world challenges while ensuring growth.
Key Responsibilities
As part of this role, you will:

Pilot Development: Create a robust technological infrastructure capable of managing expansion and scalability.

Promote Innovation: Lead a dedicated team in enhancing our product continuously while ensuring the stability of the core platform.

Seamless Integration: Craft user-friendly solutions for payment initiators and Web3 participants.

Market Expansion: Adapt our core solution to new markets and industries.

Fuel Growth: Play a crucial role in future fundraising initiatives and strategic planning.
Desired Attributes
Qualified candidates should possess the following:

Proven expertise in developing scalable B2B/B2C payment platforms, preferable experience in both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

Demonstrated ability to build and grow teams from the ground up, particularly in fast-paced environments with high transaction volumes.

Experience in Middle East and/or Philippines markets would be advantageous.

Deep knowledge of high-frequency/algo trading, FX market tools, remittance, and payout products.

Proficiency in programming languages, including C, Java, Rust, and a strong grasp of NodeJS.

Technologist (Web3/AI)

Full time
Menyala - Venture Builder Technologist

Menyala is a venture builder founded by Temasek, an esteemed global investment firm based in Singapore. We empower innovative individuals to drive technological advancements.

Role Description:

As a Technologist at Menyala, your primary role is to determine the feasibility of ideas within our venture teams. You will provide guidance and oversee the strategic decision-making process for solution development, ensuring the success of our products.


In this position, you will be involved in:

Project Venture Solutioning

Conduct due diligence by evaluating existing solutions and exploring options such as building, buying, or partnering for proof of concepts.

Develop architectural plans that evolve from Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to scaled services, covering various technology domains such as blockchain, AI, Cloud, etc.

Possess expertise in multiple technology domains and serve as a coach, mentor, and expert.

Coach and mentor a team of developers during various venture building activities at Menyala.

Act as a technology evangelist within the community, helping to build networks and engaging in technical advocacy activities. Additionally, participate in speaking roles to promote Menyala Engineering's venture-building message.

Apply new technical domains and lead concept testing in areas such as web2/3, blockchain, and AI.

Research technology solutions used by potential competitors to highlight advantages and drawbacks of their solutions.

Compliance and Performance

Design and develop solutions that adhere to local and global data and information privacy and compliance regulations.

Analyze and articulate the performance implications of different design and implementation options, providing appropriate recommendations.

Design, implement, and enforce Secure by Design principles to enhance security.


We are seeking Technologists with the following attributes:

Manages Complexity: Ability to assess tech feasibility critically. Develop technical solution architectures, lead prototyping, and ensure solutions align with business objectives.

Optimizes Work Processes: Skilled in teamwork, leading strategic tech decisions in collaboration with product, design, and business teams to tackle exciting opportunity areas.

Tech Savvy: Deep knowledge in decentralized technologies, keeping up with the latest tech trends, and eager to embrace new technologies across diverse opportunity areas.

Business Insight: Ability to demystify complex tech jargon and articulate the commercial value of our solutions to stakeholders without a technical background.

Nimble Learning: Thrives in a startup environment, unafraid of diving into new challenges and learning through experimentation. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and enjoy working with new technologies and industries.


Full time
About Menyala

Menyala is a venture builder established by Temasek, a global investment firm based in Singapore. Our goal is to empower builders and drive technological advancements.


As a member of the Engineering team, your responsibilities will include:

Software Architecture & Design: Designing and defining solution architecture and key flows to meet product and design requirements. Leading or owning the technical design of components or applications using modern techniques and design patterns.

Creative Engineering: Developing key technical components for MVPs (full stack) and supporting build-measure-learn cycles. Writing structured, readable, reusable, and testable code, and defining technical interfaces for web2/web3 components.

Engineering Task Management: Estimating technical complexity and effort, and managing technical debt during product testing and definition.

Cross Cohort Collaboration: Providing engineering perspective to guide feasibility with PoC execution and metrics.

Knowledge Sharing: Evaluating and recommending architectural options, and articulating performance implications of different design and implementation choices.

Engineering Practice Excellence: Implementing Secure by Design principles in design and development.

Attributes of an Ideal Candidate

We are seeking Engineers who possess the following attributes:

Tech Savvy: Individuals with expertise in at least two of the following technical domains: blockchain, web2/web3 frameworks, AI, Data, and Cloud native infrastructure.

Collaborative: Team players who enjoy working in small project teams and collaborating with product, design, and business teams to tackle challenges together.

Innovative: Creative individuals who actively contribute new ideas and solutions, and have a passion for building and demoing in hackathons.

Nimble Learners: Candidates who thrive in a startup environment and are willing to learn through hands-on experimentation when faced with new challenges. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and enjoy working with new technologies.

Decision Makers: Individuals who can make effective decisions by considering various inputs, criteria, and trade-offs. Have a passion for creating exceptional products and solving problems with a growth mindset.

Join us on this exciting venture-building journey where we innovate, collaborate, and create transformative technological solutions.

Product Manager

Full time
About the Company

Menyala is a startup builder backed by Temasek, a global investment firm based in Singapore. Our mission is to empower innovators to drive technological transformations.

About the Role

As a member of our venture teams, the Product Manager plays a crucial role as the product champion. You will be responsible for defining the product vision and developing MVP concepts in collaboration with cross-functional teams. Your goal is to understand customer requirements and find effective solutions.


In this position, you will:

Product Ideation & Vision: Lead the strategic choices for developing solutions that will contribute to the success of our products and ventures. You will help stakeholders understand trade-offs and keep the team focused on solving problems.

Product Planning & Execution: Take charge of prioritizing use cases and features during concept development and defining the product roadmap. This will involve close collaboration with the program manager, technology team, and engineering team to ensure successful delivery and prioritize consumer value proposition.

Product Validation & Testing: Define key hypotheses and lead experiments to test those hypotheses. You will iterate through stakeholder feedback in order to develop a product-market fit. User and customer research using a human-centered design approach will play a key role in understanding the needs of our users and customers.

Business Strategy & Operations: Assess the commercial viability of the product and incorporate the product roadmap into the overall business plan. Collaborate with engineering, research, design, and business strategy teams to make high-level product decisions.

Desired Qualities

We are seeking Product Managers with the following qualities:

Strategic Mindset: You excel at building products in uncharted territories and are accustomed to working on early-stage products where the concept is not yet defined. Expertise in product discovery and development, from user research to go-to-market strategy, is essential.

Decision Quality: You have a proven track record of conceptualizing, launching, pivoting, and scaling products from scratch. Effective communication of the commercial value of solutions throughout the product roadmap is a strong skill of yours.

Courage: You thrive in challenging situations and are comfortable leading strategic product decisions. Your ability to collaborate with tech, design, and business teams is valued as we tackle various exciting opportunities.

Situational Adaptability: The dynamic startup environment is where you thrive, and you are skilled at effectively managing timelines, stakeholders, and schedules to achieve significant milestones. Your resourcefulness sets you apart.

Nimble Learning: You have a deep interest in keeping up with the latest technology trends and enjoy working with new technologies and immersing yourself in different industries. Familiarity with decentralization and emerging technologies is a plus.