Head of HR, EU

Full time
Compensation is not specified

Job Summary:

We are seeking a talented individual to join our team as Head of HR Europe (EU). In this key role, you will be responsible for establishing a proficient HR team to support the EU region. Leading a team of regional HR professionals, your duties will include overseeing HR operations, local HR policy implementation, people management, and developing a strategic people strategy that aligns with the business objectives of the region.

This position is a senior-level role where you will be tasked with creating the people strategy for the EU region and driving initiatives in collaboration with global HR functions. As a close HR partner to the local leadership team, you will provide proactive solutions in talent planning, HR policy development, employee engagement, and other related areas. Additionally, you will leverage your expertise in local nuances and market practices to develop programs that cater to our employees' needs, reflect our company values, and can scale as our business expands regionally and globally.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build upon existing HR foundations by enhancing local recruitment capabilities, establishing robust HR processes, policies, and operations, and developing a high-performing local HR team.
  • Shape and implement the EU site People Plan to cultivate a positive site culture with a strong organizational brand.
  • Lead the development and enforcement of HR policies, guidelines, strategies, and practices in the region to ensure consistency and compliance with local legislations.
  • Drive delivery excellence in local hiring, operations, and culture-building initiatives to enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Manage a team of exceptional HR professionals to support leaders and employees in the region effectively.
  • Collaborate with Regional Business Leaders to provide guidance on local hiring, employee culture, and operational matters, translating business goals into a comprehensive people strategy.
  • Partner with the Global HR Leadership team to tailor global HR programs and policies to meet the needs and nuances of the region.


  • 10-15 years of HR experience with proven leadership, operations, and business partnering skills, preferably in a high-growth, global setting.
  • Demonstrated passion for operational excellence and establishing a solid HR foundation.
  • Proficiency in developing, executing, measuring, and refining programs
  • Strong data-driven mindset, able to convert insights into strategic actions.
  • Experience in leading and developing diverse, geographically dispersed teams.
  • Excellent influencing skills to build rapport with senior leaders.
  • Business acumen and a history of partnering closely with business leaders in dynamic growth environments, focusing on scalability.
  • Effective communication skills to articulate the value HR teams bring and quickly build business cases for HR initiatives.
  • Thorough understanding of employment laws and regulations across the EU.
  • Adaptability, flexibility, and comfort operating in a fast-paced, evolving environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bilingual proficiency in English and Mandarin, facilitating communication and collaboration across cultures.
  • Knowledge of HR compliance management in financial services.
  • Experience in financial institutions and/or tech companies is advantageous.
  • Enthusiasm for and belief in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
Skills Required
Company size
Not specified
United States
OKX is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders worldwide leveraging blockchain technology. Our platform offers spot & derivatives trading helping traders optimize their strategy. It provides a safe, reliable and stable environment for digital assets trading via web interface and mobile app by adopting GSLB, and distributed server clusters. We believe blockchain technology will eliminate barriers to transactions, increase the efficiency of transactions across society, and eventually have a significant impact on the global economy. We strive to achieve something that changes the world and never stop to innovate and improve on our customer experience.

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Channel Operations Associate

Full time
1. 建立、梳理、维护渠道合作信息, 持续追踪和核算转化数据。
2. 跟踪和分析渠道合作效果,包括活动数据、参与度和转化等关键指标,为活动优化和商务维护提供依据。
3. 协调跨部门合作,确保活动顺利进行,包括与商务、产品、技术、活动等部门的沟通和协作。
1. 大学本科及以上学历,市场营销、商业管理、金融科技或相关领域,英文能作为工作语言。
2. 1年以上的项目管理、 财务审计或商务运营经验,有金融科技、财务审计相关或互联网行业背景者优先。
3. 具备优秀的项目管理和协调能力,能够平衡好紧急重要任务的优先级,能够在快节奏的环境中有效管理多个资源。
4. 对数据分析和用户行为有深刻理解,能够利用数据驱动决策和产品优化。
5. 强烈的责任心和团队合作精神,具备良好的沟通和协调能力,能够与不同背景的团队成员有效合作。
6. 愿意不断学习和适应行业的快速变化。
7.良好的沟通能力,闭环沟通, 主动反馈任务卡点和需要的资源支持。

Recruiting Coordinator

Full time
We believe Ethereum has the potential to solve some of humanity’s most crucial coordination issues. Since our initial inception as a research group, we have sought to scale both its technology and values.
At present, the most pressing bottleneck to the growth of Ethereum is its performance and scalability. We are building the most elegant solution to this problem. We do this in the open (under an MIT open source license) because we believe in open source innovation and its ability to accelerate growth.
OP Labs is building Optimism mainnet, and by extension, the infrastructure that powers all OP-Stack chains. We are improving Ethereum’s performance by orders of magnitude and donating the profits from doing so to funding Ethereum public goods. By operating as a Public Benefit Corporation, OP Labs can align its incentives with the public good and take positive-sum steps toward a sustainable future for the internet.
We are seeking an experienced and Recruiting Coordinator to join OP Labs. The Recruiting Coordinator will be responsible for supporting a team of four recruiters focused on attracting and hiring top technical talent in the Ethereum L2 space. This role is critical to our mission of building a world-class team that will drive the next wave of innovation in scaling Ethereum.
What are the role responsibilities?
Coordinate and schedule interviews between candidates and interviewers
Maintain communication with candidates throughout the hiring process, ensuring a positive candidate experience
Assist in posting job openings on various job boards and company career pages
Support senior recruiters in managing candidate pipelines and tracking recruitment metrics
Assist in maintaining and updating the applicant tracking system
Work closely with the HR team to ensure a seamless onboarding process for new hires
What skills do you bring?
2+ years of experience in a recruiting or HR coordination role
Strong organizational and time management skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to multitask and handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment
Experience with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruitment software
Strong attention to detail and accuracy
Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information
Passion for helping others and providing a positive candidate experience
What will you like about us?
We take care of our employees. Competitive compensation, fully paid medical, dental, and vision, and a 4% 401K match—learn more about our benefits, culture, and all recruiting FAQ here: https://oplabs.notion.site/OP-Labs-Hiring-FAQ-79f82dd0763e4344b99e9ce3ea1728da.
We take pride in the accomplishments of our teammates and support each other in doing the best work of our careers.
Our team is a diverse group of people from varied backgrounds. We cherish our eclecticism and consider it a great strength.
We’re fully remote, deeply engaged, highly skilled, and like to have fun.
We think long-term. Our founders have been scaling Ethereum since 2015.
We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds to apply. We believe that our work is stronger with a variety of perspectives, and we’re eager to further diversify our company. If you have a background that you feel would make an impact at Optimism, please consider applying. We’re committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best work of your career.

Recruitment Manager

Ujjain, India
Ujjain, India
Full time
Position: Sales and Marketing Officer
- Develop and implement sales and marketing strategies to achieve business objectives.
- Generate leads and maintain relationships with potential customers.
- Conduct market research to identify new business opportunities.
- Handle sales inquiries, negotiate agreements, and close deals.
- Collaborate with the marketing team to create promotional materials and campaigns.
- Monitor and analyze sales performance, and provide regular reports to management.
- Strong skills in sales and marketing.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Proven track record of meeting sales targets.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Knowledge of market trends and competitor analysis.
Join our team as a Sales and Marketing Officer and play a key role in driving business growth and success!
Payment in Crypto


Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Full time
Our growing company is seeking to hire a sales manager who will be responsible for supervising and organizing our sales team. You will be in charge of managing organizational sales by developing business plans, meeting planned goals, and coordinating with our marketing department on lead generation. You will also be tasked with overseeing the activities and performance of your sales team by tracking sales goals, setting individual sales targets, and facilitate the ongoing training of your salespeople.
A Bachelor's degree in business or a related field is required. In order to succeed in this role, you will need excellent communication skills and the ability to lead a sales team. Previous experience in a sales-related role is a plus
Managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense controls.
Meeting planned sales goals.
Setting individual sales targets with the sales team.
Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.
Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team.
Coordinating with marketing on lead generation.
The ongoing training of your salespeople.
Developing your sales team through motivation, counseling, and product knowledge education.
Promoting the organization and products.
Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our products.
Experience in planning and implementing sales strategies.
Experience in customer relationship management.
Experience managing and directing a sales team.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Dedication to providing great customer service.
Ability to lead a sales team.
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Executive Assistant

Full time
Wallet in Telegram is your gateway to the world of digital currencies, specially tailored for individuals in emerging markets. We understand the complexities and intimidation often associated with existing crypto solutions, which is why we've designed the Wallet to be the ultimate user-friendly platform for managing finances. No need to open a traditional bank account or wrestle with convoluted crypto exchanges and wallets.
Leveraging the power of advanced blockchain technology, Wallet delivers a seamless onboarding experience into the crypto ecosystem. It enables users to effortlessly store, send, and receive digital currencies, all via the familiar interface of Telegram. Managing your finances becomes as simple as sending a message.
At Wallet, we're committed to using technology to disrupt traditional banking systems, providing our customers with more flexible and inclusive financial services. Whether you're a crypto novice or seeking to simplify your digital finance experience, Wallet is crafted with your needs in mind.
We are looking for an Executive assistant to manage daily business and personal tasks. This will involve monitoring an essential business integration pipeline, as well as acting as the assistant to two executives.
You will have two main areas of responsibility.
Business tasks:
Monitoring relationships with partners by following progress being made on the partnerships.
Checking up on business development managers and their work pipeline.
Managing the calendar: organising internal and external meetings.
Structuring team processes: preparing reports, tracking the status of tasks set by the executive.
Organising and coordinating business trips and travel for the executive and the team.
Managing document flow.
Getting involved in business processes of the team.
Coordinating interactions with lawyers.
Personal tasks:
Providing necessary personal support, e.g. visas, medical support, insurance, travel, reservations, deliveries, etc.
Reporting on spent funds.
We expect you to be:
Aware of the importance of information security and able to keep work information within work processes.
Systematic in task execution.
Capable of building partnership relationships.
Able to make quick decisions and take responsibility for them.
Always seeking alternative solutions when encountering difficulties.
Able to multitask without sacrificing efficiency.
Capable of objectively assessing your abilities and resources.
Proficiency or eagerness to learn services such as Slack, Monday.com, Notion, Lever, etc.
Possessing excellent soft skills: knowing how to establish communication and approach a difficult interlocutor.
Ready for an irregular workday, available in the mornings and evenings, and in urgent cases, able to respond to urgent matters on weekends.
Why it is a fantastic opportunity:
Our business is growing at an exponential scale.
Work in a well-funded startup environment with unique growth opportunities and a chance to join a rapidly growing company with a unique product.
Be based remotely.
Participation in the performance review and bonus programme.
Compensation for medical expenses.
Provision of necessary equipment.
Annual vacation of 20 working days plus 10 paid days off.
14 days of paid sick leave to support your health and recovery when needed.
Access to internal English courses for continuous learning and improvement in language skills.
Wallet is an equal opportunity employer.