Project Manager

Full time
Yerevan, Armenia
Remote only
Primary role
Project Manager
Work experience
From 1 to 3 years
Annual salary

Our expectations

  • You have at least 2 years of experience as a project/product manager. Agency experience is preferred but not required
  • Time and task management within the team are easy for you. You can take the responsibility for process and results of the work. You can easily immerse the client and lead them into it
  • You enjoy talking about the product and you can ask qualified questions to understand the client’s business in a couple of meetings
  • You can turn all the information about the customer into a marketing strategy, create a website and write good copy
  • Your English is fluent (both speaking and writing)
  • You take a proactive approach to any task: you dig up the problem, solve it yourself or find someone to help you
  • You know Figma at the level of PM design: you can assemble a sitemap, page wireframe, explain the idea to the designer schematically


  • Your work will be divided into two parts - organization and content
  • Talking about organization, you will be fully responsible for project management: set and check tasks, maintain Notion of the project, monitor timing
  • You will immerse yourself in the product, analyze the structure of the website, creative messages for marketing materials. You will be also responsible for copyright in both Russian and English
  • You will work on creating a corporate identity and website design together with the designer and art director when needed
  • You will hold meetings with clients: ask them questions, present the results of accomplished work, and collect feedback. Leads will always help you with underlying potential problems
  • Transfer the project to the development department and control if design ideas work properly on the real site
  • Your main tools will be Figma, Notion, Slack, Meet, and Gmail


  • Every Friday is dedicated to education and skills improvement. Once a week we do not work on projects but do week reviews, 1-on-1s, complete masterclasses, and all other activities that lead us to better results
  • We constantly grow the visual and semantic quality of our work, each quarter we do a project awesomeness assessment to conclude how to make better projects in the future. Our portfolio is here — be.net/embacy
  • PM works with only two projects in parallel so you can keep your mind focused without juggling tasks
  • We all work in GMT+3 from 10:30 to 19:30 so you can work from wherever you want if it fits your working hours
  • We can pay you in Crypto Stablecoins (USDT), Russian Roubles, or Armenian Drams. 
  • Project managers neither run the budget nor handle the paperwork


If you’re interested please complete the form below https://commotion.page/view/RPglGsDmSj4J9qHeAO9g 

Project Management


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