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Chadley Clark

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About me

I am a passionate developer who is creative and self-driven. I love challenges and finding solutions for problems. I am passionate about mobile and web development and look to better myself as a developer daily. I am a musician and an amateur photographer and would like to think of myself as a creative. My passion for tech started at a tender age as my father bought a PC home when I was around 8, I was incredibly fascinated by this device. Ever since I wondered how applications worked, at the age of 16 I installed Visual Studio on my computer with Visual Basic, and hence my love for programming was birthed. I started coding in 2012 and in 2014 got my first job doing the thing I love. How I keep my skills sharp Youtube and StackOverflow are my friends. I do a lot of research when it comes to new technology and love watching webinars on new software and new IDE's such as Visual Studio and Rider. I have a subscription with Pluralsight and constantly devour videos from courses as well as purchase Udemy Courses on the regular.

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