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Atanas Kanovski

trader  Bulgaria, Sofia
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About me

I've got good intelligence and I'm motivated to work hard and be as thorough; I have sort of a gap in my skillset and I'm willing to negotiate my pay per hr because of that. Over the past year I've grown a keen interest in cryptocurrency and i have good knowledge on that subject, I've done quite a lot of research; i trade btc and altcoins do a little cloudmining and recently I've started making a net of referrals in the sites which offer the best affiliate programs. I have good knowledge on BTC LTC DOGE and XRP blockchains and transaction processes. I speak perfect English and I'm learning German but not confident enough to work with it I think I have a computer technician diploma from tech school but very little experience in that area. Other than that I've worked here and there- I ve worked as a Merchandiser and I was doing very well. I've worked in Postbank as Technical Assistant archiving credit files.


5 USD/hour
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