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Jopet Butao

Skilled Virtual Assistant Philippines, Butuan City
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About me

Looking for a well-rounded Virtual Assistant? That's me. With four years of experience in Clerical/Administrative Assistance and also one year as a Financial Advisor, I have the skills and professional training to help you with your daily tasks so that you can maximize your time and productivity. I provide expert assistance in: -Customer Service/Financial Analysis -Facebook Advertisement/Digital Marketing -Appointment setting -Data Entry -Microsoft Office Applications (PowerPoint, Excel & Word) -Transcription -Email handling -Email-Etiquette -Calendar Management -Google Docs -General Office Skills I work on flexible schedule and I am available for new projects anytime. Delivering high quality results while meeting strict deadlines is my top priority. If you think we're a good fit, please contact me. I look forward working with you!


5 USD/hour
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