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Kellys Barrios

FullStack developer Panama, Panama
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About me

Hello There - Hope your business doing well in this pandemic! #A little about myself and us, I'm Kelly Barrios a Freelance Information & Design Technology(IT) Consultant with more than 5 years of professional experience in website and mobile application development. Either you are looking for an individual or a team to work on your enterprise-level project _ I have got you. I can provide you fixed price costs for the project or also work as a virtual full-time employee for you if you require a full-time team for your project. # Technology Stack: ➡ Mobile App Developer ➡ Back-end Developer: ➡ Front-End Developer: ➡ Project Management: ➡ Databases & Servers: ➡ Communication Channel and bots: ➡ eCommerce and CMS Developer: ➡ UI/UX Designer ➡ Payment Gateways(PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, In-App purchases)


15 USD/hour
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