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Samantha stout

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About me

Hello 👋 I have been self employed for the past 3 years I work online full time as a reseller/online store owner, (mother) I've been always had a entrepreneur spirt, what I enjoy the most is anything creative!! I love graphic design work. I have created a few successful websites and logo designs for myself as well as a few friends who are biussness owners in various neches, I love creating the look and feel for any biussness I have a great eye for detail and don't stop what I do until it's been tweeked just right even if it's somthing simple I always put an extra effort to make it perfect as possible weather it's my vision or yours. I also have a 5star ratings on all my seller accounts, goes to show customer service is somthing I really enjoy and look forward too doing for my businesses AND yours :). I'm a people pleaser forsure and hope to help anyone looking to improving and make there business just what your striving for it to be! Let's work!

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