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John Michael Jimenez

Social Media Manager / Content Creator Philippines, San Mateo
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About me

I am a social media manager who finished online courses for social media management and formerly handled social media pages and accounts. I am knowledgeable about Facebook Advertising and I am a good content writer of as I always make it an eye-turner for the readers. I do internet research and I always do my best to create an original content with an outstanding English comprehension as I don't advertise and tolerate plagiarism. I can also edit videos and picture (Canva, Filmora, basic Photoshop) that are catchy and as much as possible, I always make it go with the trend as long as it is beneficial to the page/account. I am knowledgeable in scheduling apps like Later and the like and I'm learning the other application also. Creating followers and maintaining them in the community is one I specialize of too. I am a strong candidate with regards the freelancing field as I am organized and can make outstanding results while giving my professionalism in doing my work. I am also a people person that's why I take the field of Virtual Assistant as a Social Media Manager. Being a newbie right now make it more challenging because I have many competitors, but I am willing to excel so I can prove myself that I can be a best asset for a business.


5 USD/hour
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