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Wintermute is a leading algorithmic trading firm that is focused on the innovative digital asset markets and is building the future of finance while also empowering its employees to act like owners and achieve more than it’s possible elsewhere.
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Graduate Algorithmic Trader

London, UK
London, UK
Full time
Wintermute Description:

Wintermute is a prominent company in the digital asset industry, specializing in crypto-native algorithmic trading. Their services include providing liquidity across various cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, offering OTC trading solutions, and supporting blockchain projects. Wintermute also actively contributes to the development of the blockchain ecosystem through investments, partnerships, and incubation of projects.

Since its establishment in 2017 by industry experts, Wintermute has successfully maneuvered through multiple cycles in the crypto industry. Culturally, Wintermute combines the technological standards of a traditional high-frequency trading firm with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of a technology startup. More information can be found here.

Working at Wintermute:

We are currently seeking an Algorithmic Trader with proficient coding skills in Python and a keen interest in hft, liquidity provision, and crypto trading. As an Algorithmic Trader at Wintermute, you will have the autonomy to manage your own trading activities from the beginning. You will have the opportunity to develop your own trading algorithms and strategies while receiving guidance and advice from experienced traders and developers, including the management team. This role offers a high level of independence, responsibility, and accelerated learning. There are no legacy systems, corporate bureaucracy, or layers of approval hindrances. Your ability to make an impact is solely determined by you, and your incentives, including equity, align completely with the company's goals.


Upon completion of a brief training period, your main responsibilities will include enhancing existing strategies, introducing new trading products, and improving the technological aspects of our trading systems. This will involve analyzing substantial volumes of trading and transaction data, generating insights, prioritizing them, and devising solutions based on your findings. You can anticipate immediate contributions to the profit and loss (P&L) and will be encouraged to explore innovative ideas and strategies. Further technical details will be provided during the interview process. It is essential to note that although quantitative and coding proficiency is necessary, this role primarily focuses on the business and trading aspects rather than research.

Hard Skills Requirements:

Proficient in Python, with 1-3 years of coding experience demonstrated through work, study, or personal projects (testing will be conducted)

Excellent quantitative and analytical skills (testing will be conducted)

Trading knowledge is not a prerequisite, but a strong willingness and curiosity to learn about algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative, and liquidity provision trading is crucial

Strong interest and curiosity in blockchain, crypto, and DeFi, keeping informed about significant news and advancements in the crypto world

Other Requirements:

Maintains an ownership mindset, prioritizing ultimate results such as short and long-term P&L for the company and strategically growing the business, rather than seeking short-term gains

Enjoys problem-solving and takes satisfaction in observing successful implementation of their products, possessing the readiness to undertake any necessary tasks (trading, coding, data analysis, collaboration)

Exhibits determination, ambition, and humility, and is committed to hard work and continuous learning

Appreciates a merit-based environment, where evaluation is based on delivered results

Embraces an entrepreneurial mindset, as opposed to a rigid 9-to-5 mentality, and is prepared to work non-standard hours as a part of a high-growth startup operating in the 24/7 crypto industry

Thrives in a team-oriented environment, working primarily from our London office (at least 70% of the time) rather than a fully remote arrangement.

C++ Quantitative Developer - Options Technology

London, UK
London, UK
Full time
About Wintermute

Wintermute is a leading company in algorithmic trading for digital assets. They specialize in providing liquidity across various cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Wintermute also offers OTC trading solutions and supports blockchain projects and traditional financial institutions entering the world of crypto. Additionally, Wintermute Ventures invests in early-stage DeFi projects. Their goal is to combine the technology standards of high-frequency trading firms with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of technology startups. Wintermute believes in the potential of blockchain and takes a long-term view on the digital asset market.

To learn more about Wintermute, click here.

Working at Wintermute

Wintermute is expanding its options team and seeking a talented C++ Developer to join them. This role will involve collaborating closely with traders to develop a high-performance and scalable options trading platform. The C++ Developer will work on the full options stack, covering centralized finance, decentralized finance, and OTC. Ultimately, this position will contribute to the growth of Wintermute's electronic trading desks in the crypto options market.


System Architecture: Design and implement a scalable and low-latency options trading system using C++.

Algorithm Development: Develop and optimize algorithms for options trading, incorporating risk management strategies and market data analysis.

Market Connectivity: Implement and maintain connections to exchanges, ensuring latency-sensitive issues are addressed.

Performance Optimization: Continuously optimize the performance of the trading platform to ensure fast execution.

Testing: Contribute to the development of unit and integration tests to ensure the reliability and stability of the trading system.

Hard Skills Requirements

Strong proficiency in C++ programming and adherence to software development best practices.

Experience in developing options trading systems, preferably within a high-performing trading firm.

Knowledge of option pricing models, derivatives, and financial markets.

Familiarity with market data feeds, order execution protocols, and exchange connectivity.

Solid understanding of multi-threading, concurrency, and low-latency programming.

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field.

Experience with crypto options and development within a high-frequency trading (HFT) environment is advantageous.

Wintermute Offer

Unique opportunity to work on interesting projects and take on a high level of responsibility and ownership.

Join one of the strongest and most successful teams in the CeFi industry globally.

Great company culture that is informal, non-hierarchical, ambitious, highly professional, collaborative, and entrepreneurial.

Centrally located office in London with a futuristic theme.

Flexibility to work from home and choose working hours.

Competitive base pay with substantial performance-based bonuses.

UK work permits and relocation assistance provided.

Visual Designer

London, UK
London, UK
Full time
Wintermute is a leading algorithmic trading company in the crypto industry. We specialize in providing liquidity across cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, offering OTC trading solutions, and supporting blockchain projects and traditional financial institutions entering the crypto space. Additionally, Wintermute Ventures invests in early-stage DeFi projects. Our company was founded in 2017 by industry leaders with a successful track record. We have a unique culture that combines the technological expertise of high-frequency trading firms with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of technology startups. Wintermute sees digital assets as a transformative asset class and takes a long-term view of the market, aiming to create an innovative and compliant trading environment.

As a member of our team, you will collaborate with the visual design lead on a variety of projects, including Wintermute's client-facing products and brand identity. Your creative energy, impeccable taste, and out-of-the-box thinking will be used to create designs across different mediums, from digital user interfaces to social media memes to occasional print materials and videos. You will work closely with the visual design lead, marketing lead, and other teams to execute the creative direction, contribute to the design system and brand identity, and develop new concepts.

At Wintermute, there are no limits to how employees can shape and develop their roles. We value individual growth and encourage employees to take ownership of their work.
Website Design

Develop web page designs

Contribute to and expand the distinctive Wintermute style and design system

Brand Assets

Implement and maintain the brand library, including internal and external assets, style, templates, typography, etc.

Build and upkeep a brand book

Collaborate with external or internal art directors to develop Wintermute's brand and sub-brands aligned with the company's ethos and objectives

Marketing and Social Media

Create visuals and videos for social media and other marketing channels

Design digital and physical marketing assets, such as merchandise, for internal and external audiences


Work closely with marketing and other teams to enhance and strengthen Wintermute's brand identity
Hard Requirements
Bachelor's degree in Design, Art, or equivalent

4+ years of experience in visual and/or motion design, preferably within integrated design and product teams

Portfolio demonstrating creativity and quality in execution

Proficiency in Adobe Suite

Proficiency in Figma

Excellent sense of humor
Preferred Requirements
Strong personal interest in or experience with cryptocurrency

Experience with generative design

Experience in data visualization and infographics

Experience with motion graphics
What Wintermute Offers
A unique opportunity to work on interesting projects and take on a high level of responsibility and ownership

Great company culture that values informality, collaboration, and ambition

Cool office in central London with a sci-fi touch

Flexibility in terms of working from home and working hours, although we require >60% work from the office as we are unable to accept fully remote candidates

Aligned incentive structure with performance-based variable pay and unlimited upside potential

Standard perks like pension, private health insurance, free food, and office gym

UK work permits and relocation assistance available
Write to Us If
You enjoy applying your creativity to various domains, including user interfaces, print, and digital art objects

You are determined, ambitious, humble, and willing to work hard and learn

You appreciate meritocracy and being assessed based on your deliverables

You have an entrepreneurial mindset rather than a 9-to-5 mentality

You are comfortable working non-standard working hours due to our high-growth startup operating in the 24/7 crypto world

You prefer working in a team environment rather than being fully remote
Tips for a Successful Application
This role is based in London

Conduct research on our website and social media channels

If your experience or skills may not seem directly relevant, clearly explain what you can bring to the position

Be prepared to demonstrate your hard skills through testing, as our focus is on knowledge and ability rather than credentials

Note that simply submitting an application will not suffice; we promise to respond to applicants who put effort into making their application relevant.