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Elnur Naghinezhad

Marketing Executive 
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About me

I know myself as an intrapreneur & value creation seeker. My best friend is "Failure" and also the best teacher. Now I'm just trying to learn how to learn. I'm a passionate guy in learning & challenge who has his ambition to reach the top level of performance & efficiency. I have worked for over ten years in Marketing from a deficient level to the top. I've grown as a business executive expert to set the foundation of business at very young or traditional companies. Also, I have known as a super creative, solution maker, teamwork expert who can learn from others & facilitate the learning process. I've taught to be a business mentor since 2011 under the tuition of UNIDO mentors. I'd love to make people happy & create opportunities for them to grow up. That's why I'm an active person in social activities & being a volunteer for entrepreneurial events such as Silk Road Startup, Creative Mornings & Medlean Review. After all, I'd love to make new friendships. Keep in touch if you're interested in having a connection with very active & passionate one :D

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