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crypo customised tool .app

Posted by nagendra.way

Required skills

this is not a big app if you think big plz let me know as per my knowledge i tried to explain . i am looking for the app developer for my requried tool in andriod app . its simple ui not much functions need . try to explain . its a simple tools witch is get live price data from exchanges and send some nessaray information to other api or telegram . app is for buy and sell purpose . in the app i need buy sell options coin selection ,targets ,adjusting leverage etc . if any one can do in my budget plz let me know . thanking you have a great day ......


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Rey Estiller Golez

Posted by Rey Golez

Required skills

The manner in which a group plays overall decides its prosperity. You might have the best bundle of individual stars on the planet, however assuming that they don't play together, the club will not merit a dime."
Solidarity is knowing and living the conviction that what a gathering of individuals can achieve together is a lot bigger, far more prominent, and will surpass what an individual can achieve alone


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Need a Android Project with webpanel

Posted by Ankit

Required skills

Read the full description carefully and if you are seriously interested and assure that you will be able to complete this project then only bid.
I need a android app(Main app) by which we can able to install some other android apk(2nd app) silently from any url or github.
The only role of the mainapp(1st apk) is that it will auto download and auto install the 2nd app silently without any users notice.
The main app(1st apk) should not have any kind of window or interface when the client install 1st app it should open the accessibility service and should enable its own accesibility service
1.There must be a webpage or webpanel . In this webpage we should be able to see all the devices like device name, device country, device ip in which we have installed our 1st app that is Main app. The devices name should show on index wise for eg
IDPhone ModelAndroid versioncountryipstatusInstall status
1Samsung a5110IN192.168.1.1activeSuccess
( you can use firebase or some other technique to make this out)
2. On the webpanel provide the to enable disable(ON/OFF) switches.
3. In the webpanel provide the option for DownloadURL, here we will enter the apk download url.
4. When the user will enable ON swtich from the off for the particular device model(from the webpanel) the mainapp(1st app) in the installed devices will automatically get the url of the download apk which the user has provided in the webpanel(later)
Note: If the switched is turned ON and2nd apk on the device is successfully downloded and installed then in the install status bar it should show success. If the Switch is OFF, disabled it should show the status pending and should only change to the success when the switch is turned on or enabled and the 2ndapk gets downloded and installed.
If you are not able to install the 2nd apk silently from the first apk then you can use one trick: As the accessibility service will be enabled from the 1st app when it download and execute the 2nd apk and when it popop the install screen it should auto press the install button.
(Note provide option to get auto permission to install any apk from the 1st apk, again you can automate this using accesibility services)
If you understand this project and if you thing that you can complete this with success then only bid on this and then we can have further discussion.


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Programers Team Full Stack for dev

Required skills

Core Team of programmers
For dev an app. 
Hi my name is Juan. Im leading a project, im offer a long term job. 
Why long Term? Because we need to create, sustain and moderate the app. 
I need people with experience in big apps. Security. White Hacking. Good infraestructure and user experience. 
What we need: 
---Programm an already diagramed platform. Is based in user interaction, post, cascade and fractals systems, beauty visuals. 
We really put value in knowledge in consciousness and good internal human values. This is a international project that help humanity. (of course is payed)
-We do a meeting to discuss the procedements, languages to use, and all about the creation of this. We need to do it fast. 
We need to have this cooked in 10-15 days. Sowe pay good for that. The payment is just for the creation of the platform and the host. Then we will have a contract to pay monthly to the team. 
This is big, we need good hearth people, but at the same time good hands and brain. We dont have preference of age, but we want mature brain and at least 5-7 years of experience in dev (at least the leader of the team)
We know in 6 months we broke all expectatives. So if you resonate with this. Let's put to work!


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iOS and Android App Developer, AirPlay/Chromecast exp

Posted by deezcoinz

Required skills

Looking for a mobile app developer. We need this app to work on iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Android TV devices. This app should also have the ability to connect to an AirPlay or Chromecast device from your mobile phone. 
More details to follow. Please provide a portfolio or links to the App Store or Google Play store of your previous projects. Thank you!


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