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Posted by Fidubit

Required skills

Se solicita desarrollador, que tenga conocimientos de español nivel nativo
Estamos buscando un desarrollador experto con el fin de desarrollar nuestra propia criptomoneda
Hola en Finit, estamos necesitando crear una criptomoneda con los próximos requisitos, buscamos desarrolladores con el último historial en estos proyectos y también estamos aceptando y enumerando recomendaciones. Los requisitos son: Estamos buscando crear una criptomoneda para nuestro campus de estudiantes, y volver esta misma un sistema de dinero y compensación entre los estudiantes del campues de la comunidad, por lo que este será un lms donde los estudiantes del campus puedan realizar transacciones entre nombres de usuario y recibir comisiones o reembolsos. Necesitamos cotización que incluya la aplicación móvil y el panel del sitio web para usuarios, tutores, administrador y superadministrador con un agradable ux Los requisitos de nuestra cryptomoneda que buscamos Queremos desarrollar la misma bajo fork o que nos aconsejes cual seria la mejor opcion que cumpla con estas condiciones Estamos pensando entre Binance Smart Chain, Nem, Tron, XLM o Xrp para crear una cryptomoneda transaccional sin gastar millones en recursos tecnologicos *Fee transaccional bajo * Procesamiento rápido de grandes volúmenes de transacciones * La criptomoneda debe manejar transacciones altas, aproximadamente 50,000 nombres de usuario activos y será 1 millón de usuarios a finales de 2021 * Fácil de cumplir con los aspectos legales para los reguladores. * Seguro * Carteras múltiples * Carteras de múltiples firmas si esto es posible para mi propio token * Fácil de adaptar y agregar a intercambiadores y otros proveedores de billeteras * La criptomoneda también se utilizará para recibir dinero, enviar dinero, transacciones y liquidación, preferimos una criptomoneda con bifurcación de proyectos bancarios como steller o xrp o BSC Binance * Pagos Qr * Compatibilidad multiformato


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Build me a Anti DDoS panel like Cloudflare or

Posted by Cory N

Required skills

I would like an anti-DDoS panel mayor just like cloudflare and nooder The panel needs to be fully functioning and connect to the dedicated servers it would also be helpful to let me know what servers are best for the panel The panel also needs to have a working function for subscriptions I would like stripe and a crypto payment gateway added we can talk more about the gateway later. I would like the panel to be red and black but I also have a light mode. Please refer to the links and photos I uploaded for more info I’m also open to ideas And partners also need the loader screen clean and nice with captcha
nooder: (I want it like this)


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money laundering in 5 questions

Posted by AMLBot

Required skills

An uniquearticle about money laundering in crypto, up to 2k characters.


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NOW HIRING - Seeking a JavaScript Pro

Posted by Agorise, Ltd.

Required skills

Hello again from the merkle tree! 😃 
We'd like to hire an additional JavaScript Developer. 
To qualify: 
Be an Expert with JavaScript (nodejs, reactjs, json/yaml, etc); your github proof (with public email displayed) is required, since we must verify your recent commits. 
Experienced with Web Scraping
Bitcoin must still be legal in the country in which you live. 
You must accept weekly payments in Bitcoin (BTC)
NOT required, but this is a plus:
Experience with nginx
We are seeking another Developer to join our team here at Agorise who is experienced with webscraping. There are 5 websites that have 4 different values that we must extract every 15 minutes (we will containerize and cron job your script). So, your script will acquire the values we need for the 4 keys and log those values and links in json and yaml files. Easy-peezy, right?:) 
This is a long-term job, and will be mostly your code (we know it's no fun sifting through another guy's code). Multiple projects here if you want more work. This job will employ you immediately, and we're very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live. Our Dev Teams are located all over the Earth, and upon being hired, we will introduce you to many of them in our Matrix chat room below (we dumped Telegram). 
If you are qualified, please dm Ken through with your github link and to setup your interview. Please Re-blog this post to help spread the word, and THANK YOU! 💪😃 


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Python developer for AI project with frontend skills

Posted by inite

Required skills

inite - Virtual business partner and artificial intelligence assistant.
An interesting and promising project on artificial intelligence (AI, AGI), the latest technologies: GPT-3.
The opportunity to become one of the first employees of a developing company.
The current solution works in python and telegram-bot-api and contains several neural networks.
You need to move the functionality to the API:
- isolate neural network from telegram bot solution and provide access to it through the API.
Update telegram bot:
- setup up NLP/NLU for seamless interaction
- Change database engine & structure
- Registration and authorization.
- Message limit system.
We need to develop a frontend javascript part that sends requests to the API and displays them as a chat with AI.
- Sending a message.
- Feedback.
- Payment.
- Python 3.7+
- Rest API
- Flask
- Telegram-python-bot
- Postgres/Amazon RDS
- javascript
- vue / react / angular
- rest json api
- UI / UX
In the future we expect support and development of the project, hiring is possible.
On-going project.


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Telegram user reach (Promotion for Group and Channel Admins)

Posted by Flo B

Required skills

We are looking for owners and admins of finance-related Telegram groups or channels open for partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange.
0% fee trading for personal account.
free gift codes provided to share with your followers, redeemable for crypto, e.g 100x $10.


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Crazy tiktok commercial

Posted by Tim Zinin

Required skills

Hi, LaborX. 
That's gonna be fun. 
For promo we want you to come out with 5 crazy tiktok videos. 
What you may use: 
Here are some animation we made previously. You may do any crazy things with it
Insane is great. More surreal and abstract things should happen there. Check our Japanese and Korean ads before you start.
You may use videos of any quality. More animation is better.
Video shouldn't be longer then 13 sec
Video should have final packshot with TimeX logo
Final impression of TimeX as a product and all company in general should be positive.
Ideas for your future videos: 
Crypto market situation. BTC, ETH, XRT rates.
TimeX product features
Sergei Sergienko, and TimeX CEO speaking to the public


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