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Python Developer, victorcampos7/tensorflow-ffmpeg for Al

Posted by Manana Samuseva

Required skills

Python Developer, victorcampos7/tensorflow-ffmpeg development for handling video+audio+multimedia for Al
📍New York, NY
Machine Learning Engineer, with 2-3+ years of rich experience in Python Programming on Computer Vision, Video Search, Voice Processing using Deep Learning. 


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Develop an online store for digital goods

Posted by Markus Sauer

Required skills

Dear reader,
I need an online store to sell digital products which consist of text data, the products should be bought by shop balance which can be recharged with cryptocurrencies.
Monero (XMR), Dash and Bitcoin should be supported where ill setup for each a full node, and the shop system should handle transactions/topups through each of the JSON-RPC APIs of those full nodes.
Preferably the shop will be either based on Laravel or Symfony, with a simple bare Bootstrap 4 layout.
The shop should have a user panel which has the following feature for the customer:
Ticket section - to resolve any issues
Order section - to view any ordered product
Topup section - to topup/recharge users balance with crypto
Profile section - to change options for the user and profile settings like password
Also of course a tradtional list of categories and products.
Products should have a mass order discount which should also be displayed for the user in the frontend.
An admin panel with proper acl to manage users, products, categories, tickets, crypto wallets, shop settings etc.
If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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Digital marketing & bitcoin script

Posted by Femi Oyediji

Required skills

Do you know there is more marketers online can be competitive but with a perfect and trending tactics, you can win over your competitors.Maybe you don't have time to do this yourself, then you should ORDER this gig right now so I can get everything done for you.The reason why You Should Order Me.I run a 7 figure shopify store Professional CommunicationExcellent delivery is guaranteedI will attend quickly to all inquiries quickly.Content development skillsI am going to help your business right?It includes the following;Content MarketingSEM marketingShopify RedesignSocial Media development & managementDaily marketing postsEmail Marketing Campaign setupShopify TrafficInstagram ads and promotionBrand developmentConversion Facebook Ads Setup Shopify Sales FunnelSMS marketingKlaviyo Workflow AutomationKlaviyo sales funnelSEO optimisationWeb AnalyticsI hope you want to enjoy all these package then contact me let's discuss your budgetI will setup 7 figure making marketing channel and you won't spend more money on hiring freelancers again in the future.I FREE ALLOW CONSULTATION.


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React + Symfony/Drupal - Fullstack developers

Posted by Dilygent

Required skills

Dilygent, a digital web development shop is looking for fullstack developers with React skills along Symfony or Drupal 8/9 experience, for on-demand work (~10 to 32 hours per week)
NOTE: We are looking to hire individuals, not any company.


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Mobile app (REACT NATIVE or HTML5, Android or Apple)

Posted by Int Dev

Required skills

We are looking for mobile developers who are well versed in REACT NATIVE.
We want to develop a mobile application for Android or IOS (details can be found in the appendix).
You are responsible for the interface development in REACT NATIVE, the API is a simple POST-GET JSON API and is almost finished.

We are looking for people who want to work together for the long term.

The project should be completed within in 2 weeks. You need to find some icons or other graphics buy your self, but we provide a professional template what you will use for the mobile application.


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Publish Android application

Posted by Samuel Williams

Required skills

I am willing to pay to an android specialist who will publish my Android application. A candidate must have an active developer account on the Google Play Market and possess the Android programming skills. To participate in the competition, you need to post the provided Android App Bundle on the GooglePlay Market. The winner will receive$200and the further employment.


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it manager

Required skills

IT managers are responsible for coordinating, planning, and leading computer-related activities in an organization. They help determine the IT needs of an organization and are responsible for implementing computer systems to fulfill the organization's information systems requirements. The scope of an IT manager's responsibilities varies. In some cases, the focus is solely on computer networks. In other cases, the focus can be on managing telecommunications systems and other electronic support systems related to the company operations.

Typically, IT managers have a Bachelor's degree in computer science, information science, or a related field, and relevant work experience. Some IT managers also have a graduate degree. IT managers need strong problem-solving and project management skills. 


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Solidity Engineer

Required skills

Solidity engineer

Platinum Software Company is looking for a solidity engineer for the development of our DeFi project.
If you are interested in participating in the development of a DeFi project, let us know your rates and the type of work you can collaborate with us on. Thank you!
Tech Stack:
-Unit Testing
-Open Zeppelin & ZOS
-Developing, testing and deploying complex smart contract systems
Deep understanding and passion for DeFi
Terms :
- Remote work
- Fixed salary or hourly rate
- Part-time or full-time position
- up to $4000 (30-40 per hour)
How to Apply
To apply, email your CV & github profile to
Our website :


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Mobile developer

Posted by Joshua Park

Required skills

Work with our team remotely to bring our web service into a mobile App (crypto price tracking website).
- Contribute to design, testing, release and support of the app.
- Work with colleagues to innovate app functionality after.
- English language for written communication in Slack
- proven experience as a Mobile developer (CV, Github, endorsements)
- Experience with third party library and APIs
Payment can happen in 14 day cycle, 20 hour $28 per hour.


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Frontend Developer

Posted by Richard Graham

Required skills

Searching for a Frontend Developer that is experienced in working with HTML and JAVASCRIPT for an interactive website, possibly including data from blockchain explorer services.
The job consists of approximately 10 hours of analyzing our current website for improvements and naming meaningful solutions in PDF form (app. 20 hours).
30 hours in total.
You should include suggestions about displaying blockchain (Ethereum) data (transactions) on the site. Hence we are looking for a Developer with a certain understanding of how blockchain works, more specifically pulling data from explorers.
NOTE: An additional contract will be set up for the actual implementation of those solutions. Hourly wage for that one will be about $45.


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