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Tomb forked project whitepaper and gitbook docs

Need to create tomb forked project white paper and gitbook docs.
Please apply only if you know about tomb forked project and have experience in gitbook.

Looking for marketing manager for crypto related project

I am looking for a marketing manager who can help the launch of crypto project.
If you have interested in that, please let me know.
Thank you.

Marketing tool for the Lens protocol

I need to create a new tool for the Lens protocol, approximate project duration is 2-4 weeks.
You must be familiar with Polygon network development.
Please reply to get more details on this project.

Blockchain nft game

Hey, can you help me with development on my game to add API/SDK from Hyperledger to;
- develop back end dashboard for user/wallet management
- create wallets for users
- create NFTs linked to smart contracts
- connect to Unity database and refer the back end data into front end panels for Unity
- associate Unity objects with user wallet and NFTs
- define smart contract rules so dynamics of the Unity display are based on NFT status

Fullstack developers for a solidity-based protocol

For an upcoming dApp, we are looking for contract-based developers to assist with accelerating our roadmap.
This includes:
web3.js integrations
smart contract auditing
If you have previously worked on a dApp in production (on-chain) - feel free to apply.
Please share your github when DMing.

Google Ads

We are a successful international crypto exchange with almost 5 years of experience.
We are looking for an experienced specialist in advertising to work with our company, which deals with the storage of cryptocurrencies and transactions. Your task is to create and launch an effective advertising campaign in Google Ads, aimed at attracting new users and growing the existing base. The advertising should be focused on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The advertising budget is $50,000. The effectiveness of the advertising will be evaluated based on the number of registered users, the number of transactions made and the invested funds.

Development of Dex like Pancakeswap

Looking for full stack Web3 & DeFi developer who has experience in forking a clone of Pancakeswap V2 and Uniswap V3.
The project is to create a typical clone of Pancakeswap with all functions including the lottery and betting games.
The right candidate must have successfully done similar projects and has all the codes and smart contracts ready for customization.
The job includes everything in the frontend and backend and admin panel.
You are kindly requested to to answer the following questions when submitting your proposal:
Do you have successful competed DeFi projects like Uniswap or Pancakeswap? Kindly provide working links.
Do you have any web3, blockchain and DeFi projects of your own? Kindly provide working links.
How long do you need to complete the job?
Do you have all the resources and skills to complete the project successfully?

looking for Sr. Blockchain Developer

We want to allow the users can buy our token with fiat. 
so users can buy our token with visa and mastercard... 
if you can do it, plz apply this.

public relations experts for our blockchain-based projects

Public Relations 
For our blockchain-based crypto finance and service projects, we are looking for experienced experts who can establish strategic partnerships, investment partnerships and partnerships to support our projects, especially with the largest projects of the crypto world, central banks, digital banks, Forex brokers and the largest e-commerce companies. it will be evaluated separately for the sector, please do not write for adventure, those who have experience and international connections, get in touch

MintFlex Forking

I am looking for someone who can fork the MintFlex.

Kaleido expert

I am looking for a blockchain expert.
You must have huge experience with Kaleido and mobile app development.
Please apply with your previous projects.

Solidity unit tests to reach 100% coverage

Complete the smart contracts unit tests to reach 100% coverage and 95%+ branch coverage. (requires on erc20 are not required to cover)
Current coverage is around 85% and 60% respectively
Experience required:
solidity, hardhat, waffle, evm
1. 5 days deadline from hiring date
2. reach 100% coverage and 95%+ branch coverage
3. create a PR with your code
4. daily progress reports via telegram or laborx chat
5. daily commits to the PR